Now that getting a PS5 is easier, we help you find the best deals in the PS Store with this guide to get the most out of your search engine

The official store of PlayStation online, its Store, usually maintains pretty well informed to its users of the offers and news that are incorporated into the PS5 catalog. Despite the fact that the Sony console has one of the most comfortable and intuitive search tools, you can always get it a little more juicelike everything.

For that same reason, and taking advantage of the fact that it is no longer such an elusive console to get, we have prepared this guide that may teach you (or remember if you had forgotten them) some tips and tricks to find anything you are looking for in the fastest and most efficient way; from the latest news in its catalogue, through games that are back or on sale, to the latest news in DLCs for all of them.

How to use the PS5 PlayStation Store

Image Store Welcome

As in other cases of browsers on consoles or launchers on PC, the PS5 store browser has two dedicated search modes: by sections and modules, and through filters or exploration; and all this without counting the subsections that show us the current content or the game deals or included in the PS Plus catalog.

The fact is that whether we are looking for a game that we already know or if we just want to dive through the catalog of everything it offers, the interface is designed for oauto-brake us the titles or news based on parameters defined by our profile, mainly the country as we will now see

Search by sections and modules

Is the most direct. We access it by going to the PS Store icon. Here we will find various sections: New, Collections, Discounts, Subscriptions and Explore. Leaving aside the latter, the others contain information about what is of more rabid news and in the catalog.

New Section

Starting with the New section, in it we can access the News module, which, as its name indicates, contains the most recent that has arrived at the store, and immediately after, the ten best games in our country. This may vary depending on where you are and is based on the popularity among PS5 users in your country.

Afterwards we find the highlighted spaces, and New games. This section should not be confused with News, since the previous one focuses not only on titles, but also on packs, DLCs or reservations. This is for what you can buy and start playing now. The subsequent sections refer to what we have just mentioned: reservations, demos or additional content, topped by the module See more that shows us PS5 or PS4 games, the free ones or those compatible with PS VR2.

Module Example Of Less Than 15 Euros

the rest of the sections they work in a similar way, although the discount is one that may interest you especially. Even at the beginning we will not see more than offer banners, if we select one they will appear on their list all the games or content that currently have an offerso it’s a quick way to locate those deals.

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Search by Exploration

In this section we will be able to search with a greater precision defined by us what we want to find. what is there is an unfiltered list of absolutely all the content available in the entire store. Obviously it would take time to go through it, so we must use the filters that are in the button to the left of the first row of titles to establish the parameters; if we change them are updated in real time.

Exploration Example

The different categories Reasons to sort your search by include:

  • bestseller
  • most popular downloads
  • Name (A-Z)
  • Name (Z – A)
  • Release date (oldest to newest)
  • Release date (newest to oldest)
  • Price (from lowest to highest)
  • Price (highest to lowest)

And within the order they can be ordered by other filterssuch as price, platform gender, age rating, release date, or VR compatibility. Although it is not a very selective method, it is possible to fine-tune what we are trying to find quite a bit.

Search by terms, wanted, and PS Plus

Search Example By Search Engine

Of course, an option cannot be missing that allows us to search with a more precise precision for the title or content that we want, especially useful ifi know the name of what we want but we don’t see it among other options that can share filters. This is the search by terms and we can access it by selecting the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

This option allows us to write (or “say” thanks to the console’s voice-to-text option) the name or some of the words that are included in the game or content we are looking for and it will show them to us separated by modules. In them there is a carousel with several options that, if we reach the end of it, will give us an option to show everything you haven’t included in this sub cover.

Example Ea Playlist

There is also no lack of functionality Wish List. Any game or content on the console is likely to be incorporated into it, it is enough to select what interests us in question, and click on the little heart to keep an eye on it. We can go through this list in our user profile, and we will instantly see notifications concerning it (if it is on sale, if it will leave the store soon, etc.); in case we still do not want to buy it because we are waiting for a discount or because if we don’t want to lose it to go back to look for it.

Wish List Example

Also mention the PS Plus subscription service. Although it is not part of what the search engine itself is, the section concerning it includes similar functions, but in its modules, more than games, we will see game options that are included in its services, such as PS Plus, Ubisoft Connect, or those of EA Play. Keep in mind that to access these, you have to be subscribed and pay a separate fee for distributors. However, we are also allowed to see what games are available for those services, and purchase them separately if we are interested

Example Ea Playlist PS Store

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Help websites to find offers on PS5

And as in the previous tips guides to find the best deals, we want to close this review of the features of the PlayStation Store with some website suggestions that they can keep us informed at the moment of what games or content are at the lowest price if we are not in front of our console to review ourselves.

PS Deals

Desktop 11 03 2023 8 06 14 536

You will remember this website because we already saw it in the Nintendo e-shop search engine guide. In essence, it is the same but PlayStation-oriented: a quick summary of which games are at the best price in the Store at the moment, with the possibility of getting hold of cards that include funds to spend later.

Gaming Deals

Desktop 11 03 2023 8 06 59 982

A new proposal not to repeat previous examples is GamingDeals: it is a website that brings together the hottest deals from the Sony store and gives us the chance to get hold of codes to download them. Keep in mind that the price is in pounds being a British ”site”, but they cater to other countries.

DL Compare

Desktop 11 03 2023 8 06 26 425

And one latest news is DL Compare, which works in a similar way to others we have seen but with a fairly clear interface and that you can order us what we are looking for by prices, but it also includes a search engine with many criteria or filters to use to be precise in our searches.