Octopus: everything for music and artists in Occitania

the essential
Formerly known as Avant-Mardi, the Toulouse association Octopus is a major French specialist in contemporary music.

Since January 1, 2018, Octopus has been the Federation of Current Music in Occitanie. From 86 members in 2018, the federation is currently made up of 118 members spread over the 13 departments of the region. Fiercely independent, it puts at the service of its members and the music industry, it brings its know-how, its networks and its skills to the structures, concert halls and festivals of the Region, alongside friendly structures and partners such as the collective Cultures Bar-bars, Festik, le Bijou, Music’Halle, Regarts and many others.

“We work on different poles, explains Cyril Del Avia, director of Octopus. We are a team of ten employees (eight in Toulouse, two in Montpellier) and offer professional training – live performance training which goes from the communication manager the career of artists. The “accompaniment” center deals with the environment of the artist, allows residencies and explains to young people how the sector works around the artist. The “resources” center provides artists with information for support in their projects. A year ago, we created a digital platform, ma-source.info, which is teeming with ideas, information and leads. There are practical sheets written to support the various people involved in current music – the musicians of course, but also the booking agencies, with a regional directory –, all the Occitan structures, job offers or internship proposals. s between artists and professionals. The “prevention” pole aims to reduce the risks associated with music, for example auditory: we visit middle and high schools and, through the “Peace and Lobe” program, we explain how sound and the ear work, let’s spread prevention messages… Other aspects of this pole concern attacks (“Aggressing is no”), water…”

Third places and partnerships

In Toulouse as in Montpellier, Octopus has chosen to set up in third places, pooling spaces and resources, facilitating partnerships and constantly opening up new prospects for collaboration with structures in the field of Social Economy and

Solidarity and Cultural and Creative Industries.

Valuable is the contribution to the Region of an association like Octopus. The musical fabric of Toulouse and its agglomeration is, as we know, of great richness and we are grateful to such a structure – which relies on no other support than that of its members – to accompany the artists in their development and to play the role of interface with the State, the City, the Region. Even if it means putting, when necessary and as Cyril says with a smile, “a little itchy hair” in the exchanges…

Octopus: ma-source.info