Oh my God!movie download by the website Fmovie

Oh my God! movie download by the website Fmovie

Arjun (Ashok Selvan), Anu ( Rithika Singh ), Mani (Shah Ra) have been friends since school. Anu is in love with Arjun but Arjun is not like that. Arjun agrees as there is no reason to ask Anu if she will marry him in this situation and say no.

Arjun just laughs when he tries to kiss Anu on the first night. Arjun is unable to see Anu as his wife. Realizing this, Anu leaves it at that. The two go to court seeking a divorce at the speed of marriage without agreeing. It is then that Arjun meets God Vijay Sethupathi and Ramesh Tilak. Vijay Sethupathi gives Arjuna a chance to change his life. The story is about how Arjun used it.

Ashok Selvan’s acting is good but could have tried more. Rithika Singh scores with her performance in all the upcoming scenes from the suspicious scenes where Arjun is seen interacting with his school senior Meera (Vani Bojan). Looking at Shara is getting tougher. There is no logic in many places in the film.

The songs have nothing to say. Vani Bojan has realized his role and acted. Schoolmate Anu doesn’t understand how Arjun, who wants to be an actor, tells her to join his father’s company.

Sr. Meera Bubble Anu, Arjun, Arjun can only be remembered when he sees the bell. The director forgot to explain the reason in some places like this. The scenes go sloppy and irritate those in the theater.

Fortunately, Vijay Sethupathi did not miss the lecture in the name of God. The film celebrates love despite the holes.