On TikTok, young people reinvent the series “Euphoria”

(ETX Daily Up) – After a two-year wait, the young subversives of the “Euphoria” series are back for a new season. Much to the delight of TikTok users. They no longer wait for the release of each episode to speculate on the fate of their favorite characters: they imagine it in the form of a video on the platform. Decryption.

TikTok users have been watching the first episodes of the second season of “Euphoria” with great attention. They found there, with pleasure, the tormented teenagers of the series of Sam Levinson-Rue, Jules, Maddy, Nate, Cassie, Kat and the darling of the fans, Fez.

If the third episode hints at Rue’s imminent descent into hell, many fans of the series are turning to TikTok to invent alternative destinies for its characters. User @llaurenspaldingg had fun imagining which American universities Rue and his acolytes would go to… if they took their high school studies more seriously. According to her, Jules would go to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, while the shy Lexi would prefer the University of California at Berkeley. Many platform users have adhered to these choices since the video currently has more than 45,000 “likes”.

Fashion at the center of #euphoriahighschool

The clothing of the characters of “Euphoria” are also unanimous on TikTok, and not only. The search engine Stylight noted the influence of the wardrobe of transgressive high school students in the series on the wardrobe of viewers, after the broadcast of the first episode of the second season. Searches for Batsheva jumped 300% after Lexi (played by Maude Apatow) wore an ensemble from the New York label.

While most young TikTok users cannot afford the clothes that appear in the series, they are inspired by them to compose exuberant outfits that the students of Euphoria high school would wear. On the program: dresses with innumerable cuts (thanks to the “cut out” trend), vertiginous heels, fishnet tops and skirts (more or less long) for these gentlemen. These parody diversions all appear with the hashtag #euphoriahighschool.

A vitriolic portrait of youth

Some TikTok followers go even further in identifying with the characters of the series by imagining what their inspirational moodboards would look like or what beauty products they would use on a daily basis. Others like the TikTokeuse @mikdiccs try to determine who of Nate, Jez or McKay would be their boyfriend and their ex, if they lived in the universe of the series.

These videos around “Euphoria” testify to the impact of the series on viewers belonging to Generation Z. Its subversive representation of American teenagers in need of bearings would scare a lot of parents, as “Gossip Girl” had done ” and “Skins” in the early 2000s.

Sam Levinson clears himself of any sensationalism, and affirms that “Euphoria” is inspired by his own adolescence. “I wanted to do a series about youthful anxiety, insecurities and relationship insecurities, but I wanted to do it in a way that I don’t think has ever been seen before,” he said. explained to the Guardian in 2019. “Anytime we deal with difficult or sordid subjects, it is in the style of a docu-fiction. I wanted to do something that did not rely on the characters talking about their feelings , because one of the hardest things about being young is not being able to express what you feel.” It would seem that young people are able to do this on TikTok.