One of Michelle Yeoh’s essential films is also science fiction: this gem of the genre brings together the Oscar winner with two teachers and Chris Evans

The idyll of the Asian star with fantasy goes back a long way. No one should miss the extraordinary ‘Sunshine’.

Michelle Yeoh conquered Hollywood last night with the sensational Everything at once everywhere, one of the science fiction surprises of the year that has excited people with its fun and original proposal. Is all a surprise and a vindication of an actress who has given everything for genres little “elevated”, such as martial arts or fantasy. In fact, one of his best films is in the latter genre.

sunshine is one of those cult jewels, ambitious for its different and reflective spatial proposal on the human condition, as well as incredibly spectacular. Danny Boyle and Alex Garland, two experts in the fantastic genre, shaped this powerful film that, in addition to Yeoh, also includes Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne and Chris Evans.

2057, the sun is dying and humanity is fading with him without knowing what to do to avoid it. Now, the last hope to save him is the spaceship Icarus II in which a crew of five men and two women, led by Kaneda, travels. His job is to move a nuclear device that would give new life to the star.

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However, when they lose contact with Earth, their mission begins to fail. A terrifying incident puts the crew at risk, who will have to fight for their lives and that of our planet. Because of the complications, the plan of the protagonists will become a suicide mission.

Boyle reunited with Garland after co-signing on the post-apocalyptic horror smash hit 28 days later. They traded zombie-ravaged London for the orbit of the sunadding a series of influences ranging from 2001: A Space Odyssey until Solaris. The failure of the remake of the latter cast doubts on Fox executives, although they decided to bet on it from their specialized study Fox Searchlight.

‘Sunshine’: intelligent and spectacular science fiction

The cast is made up of scientists of American and Chinese nationalities, as the filmmakers envisioned those countries to be the most economically developed in the future and to have elite space programs. Boyle had the actors try their hand at method acting to fully immerse themselves in the claustrophobic feeling of being on a ship in outer space and being prepared for a life-threatening end.

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The film is one of those works of intelligent science fiction, full of ideas that are developed through the characters about human reactions to the apocalypse and to a serious problem like global warming. Boyle’s strong visual personality ends up elevating an extraordinary proposal and very much to claim, seeing that it did not have the commercial success that it perhaps deserved. If you are looking for something from Yeoh to rescue these days, this is one of the best movies that can be recovered.

You can see sunshine on rental platforms.

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