One of the actors from the first Harry Potter films will appear as a student in Hogwarts Legacy – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy

Since its announcement, the eyes of the followers of the Harry Potter universe they have perched on Hogwarts Legacythe long-awaited RPG adventure that signs Avalanche Software. advertised as the most ambitious experience Related to the universe of the young magician, millions of people have shown their interest in a title that has not stopped generating expectations for months. And, after the last announcement published in his official Twitter profileit seems that the team takes into account the opinion of the fans and seeks to satisfy part of the nostalgia of these.

Luke Youngblood, one of the actors in the first two Harry Potter films, will be part of the cast of Hogwarts Legacy. Thus, as revealed through an official publication, the interpreter will adopt the role of everett clopton, a Ravenclaw student. In this way, Youngblood puts aside his role as Lee Jordanthe charismatic Quidditch match commentator, and happens to be one of the many students players will meet during the course of the events of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy will arrive in February on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

As we discussed in the first paragraph, the title related to the Harry Potter universe has not stopped generating expectations since its announcement. For this reason, taking advantage of the proximity of its premiere, the study has published several news that have excited the players, such as the announcement of the well-known British actor who will play the school teacher. In addition, it has also generated interest in recent days the Goblin Rebellion, one of the most important events of the future Hogwarts Legacy.

Thus, those interested in immersing themselves in Harry Potter’s ambitious proposal will be able to do so starting next Feb. 10. That day, the title will be available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. For the PS4 and Xbox One version, we will have to wait until the April 4, a distance that is further extended for Nintendo Switch players. Hybrid users, as the developer recently revealed, will be able to play the title from July 25.

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