One of the best RPGs of recent times achieves a great milestone in sales: these are the good figures for Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous – Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

If you’re a fan of fantasy RPGs, you’ve probably taken a look at Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. The developer team, Owlcat Gamesachieved solid sales in the past, but in this case they have gone much further and intend to expand the experience with a new expansion that will arrive very soon.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has sold more than 1 million copies, and its DLC will be out on March 7, 2023

As they inform us in a press release, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has reached the million sales all over the world between pc, ps4, Xbox OneY nintendoswitch. This project started as a Kickstarter project and since then the news has only been positive. In this way, the First DLC of Season Pass 2 will arrive March 7, 2023 to the aforementioned platforms, except for Switch as it will be available later in its cloud version.

The expansion The Last Sarkorians includes a new companion for the Knight Commander party and a new playable class. In this new content you will fight against new enemies, you will explore a new region and maybe you will find love, they point out from the company in the description of the YouTube trailer. The Last Sarkorians DLC will be the first of the 3 that will come with this Season Pass 2.

What did we think of Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous?

Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous

This work has a lot of future because it will have plenty of content, but in the writing of 3DJuegos our partner Alberto Pastor played the launch title. In the analysis of Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous we point out the following: “It is a video game loaded with content with an exciting fantasy story in which there is no shortage of surprises, the epic and characters with charisma. Their battles are a spectacle, and although sometimes their action can become something tedious Because of the amount of things you have to manage simultaneously, this is one of those journeys that every RPG fan should embark on.”