One of the essential fantasy and horror films turns 30 and can be seen in ‘streaming’

The great conclusion of a great saga that can be enjoyed independently. Sam Raimi made one of his best films three decades ago with ‘The Army of Darkness’.

A great fantasy-horror-sci-fi film that hits an important birthday. In February the 30th anniversary of its premiere is celebrated, being one of the best films by its director and a fantastic jewel of the nineties. A conclusion to a trilogy that continues to be enjoyed independently. Do not miss The army of darkness.

the saga of evil dead gave a radical change of scenery in his third film, moving towards medieval action while maintaining the special touch of horror with comedy that characterizes Sam Raimi. The director made the saga evolve in the best way, giving space to shine to his beloved Bruce Campbell, who once again shows that the character fits him like a glove (or like a tuned chainsaw).

In 13th century England, evil forces are wreaking terrible evil in the middle of the Middle Ages. While the brave knights are ready to fight against them, the humble peasants hide where they can. The end of the world is near, but the arrival of a mysterious man named Ash (Campbell), who claims to have time traveled from the 20th centuryit will change everything.

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Ash gets there after the events of terrifyingly dead, where demonic forces drag you into a portal that transports you to the past, to the moment where terror is unleashed. The new hero of the region has brought with him sophisticated weapons that will help the locals fight more effectively against the forces of evil.

The idea of ​​taking Ash Williams to the Middle Ages already occurred to Raimi, Campbell and company in the eighties, when they were preparing the sequel to Infernal possession. The idea of a radical changewho had so many influences from Conan the barbarian like one of the silly comedies of The Three Stoogesdid not initially convince producer Dino De Laurentiis.

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When they had a monumental success with the sequel, then they were given the green light to do this kind of Medieval Dead as the third film in the saga. Fabulous fun with time travel, wacky comedy and physicsplus plenty of powerful and spectacular action that made the most of a modest budget.

After 30 years of existence, it continues to resist as one of Raimi’s most special films, where his great visual ability and his sense of humor configure his own style. One of the most peculiar references of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessalso by Raimi, and a must for fans of fantasy films.

You can see The army of darkness in filmin.

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