One of the goreest and craziest movies I’ve seen in years can finally be seen on the big screen in Spain

A low-budget film that became a success among fans of the genre by causing dizziness and vomiting among viewers who saw it at its premiere.

This Friday, February 24, Terrifier 2 finally arrives in Spanish theaters, the sequel to one of the most popular films on the Prime Video streaming platform, positioning itself as one of the best horror films of the same. To get this second part out, a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign was carried out on Indiegogo with which $250,000 was raised for its budget. The tape was distributed in the United States by the Bloody Disgusting company (a company that emerged as a result of the popular Internet portal specializing in the genre) and had a limited exhibition. Despite this, the film was able to gross almost a million dollars in the first week of its release and word of mouth worked so well that the week after its launch its numbers increased by 681%.

Without a doubt, Terrifier 2 has become the real surprise of the year in the United States. Quite a sensation for fans of the genre, not without controversy since there were many comments that alluded to the dizziness and vomiting that their scenes of extreme violence caused among some of the attendees to the movie theaters where it was shown. Such was the uproar that a group of mothers in the United States launched a campaign through to remove the film from theaters due to its abuse of gore: “We have to prevent our children from being brainwashed with this senseless violence through disgusting and overly violent movies”.

Dark Age Cinema

Its director, Damien Leone, is a specialist in non-digital special effects and has worked hard in makeup on dozens of horror titles. And that is something that is noticeable in Terrifier 2, a movie without CGI effects but no less impressive and realistic for that. Despite all this, the filmmaker does not shy away from comedy and his feature film is loaded with acid humor and bad slime. Due to the overwhelming success of the film in theaters around the world, the director is already talking about a trilogy and the big American horror producers are already raffling off his name for future projects. Leone, however, has not escaped criticism and has been considered “misogynistic” by some viewers, due to the extreme violence on display against women in his works.

However, all the success of the film would not be possible without the charisma of the bloody murderer who stars in the saga: Art the clown. A character who appeared for the first time in the tape made up of several short stories Halloween Eve (which can also be seen on the Prime Video platform) and who has become an icon for fans of the genre. A psychopath of supernatural origins -something that seems to be investigated in the more than likely third installment- who only with his gestures already manages to disturb the public. His murders are the most cafre and bloody that the genre has seen in recent years.; a horror film that has been diminished -in levels of gore- by the demanding age rating of the United States.

How much gore and ultraviolence are you capable of withstanding?: exclusive of ‘Terrifier 2’, the bloodiest and most gore clown in the history of cinema

Terrifier 2 starts right where its first installment ends: with Art the clown lying on a gurney in a morgue after being shot in the head. However, this evil entity comes back to life and wakes up smashing the skull of the doctor who was going to do the autopsy in the most savage way possible. Later the story takes us to the house of Sienna, a young woman who designs her own Halloween costume and whose brother seems obsessed with the figure of Art the clown, which worries the young woman. What they both don’t know is that the bloodthirsty psychopath will come into their lives leaving a tremendous trail of blood in his wake.

Dark Age Cinema

Our leading critic included it in his top best horror movies of 2022 and said of it: “Damien Leone He is crazy about traditional animation, analog FX, latex, buckets of blood… It’s normal for Terrifier 2 to seem like a movie shot some 40 years ago, when the ‘splatter’ was at its peak thanks to filmmakers like Lucio Fulci, Frank Henenlotter or Brian Yuzna. Although if there is a filmmaker that this brutal and shameless idiot pays homage to, it is the father of gore: the great Herschell Gordon Lewis. The film is a coven of the viscera, dismemberment, cannibalism and everything horrible that comes to mind. All of this done from a tremendously comedic point of view with Art and his terrifying smile.”

After all, if you’re a fan of savage terror without holding back and you’re not a sensitive stomach, without a doubt, Terrifier 2 is the best thing you’re going to see in a long time. A very crazy tape of almost two hours and twenty minutes in length that promises to play in Spanish theaters after bursting at the American box office.