One of the longest-running series in history surprises as the most watched Disney + series worldwide (in 2021)

According to the data published by ‘What’s On Disney Plus’ according to the trends and popularity of the titles, ‘The Simpsons’ is the most watched fiction on the platform, but some of its great releases of 2021 are also part of the Top 10.

No. The most watched series in the world on Disney + in 2021 is not one of the Marvel fictions for the streaming platform that, inaugurated by Scarlet Witch and Vision, have become some of the protagonists of the year. Neither the applauded Only murders in the building, which has the honor of being in the majority of the tops, nor Dopesick: Story of an addiction, a gem that has also captivated a good mass of spectators.

The World’s Most Watched Series on Disney + is a much more famous title. You have seen it, we have seen it and we could dare to affirm without any doubt that we have all seen it at some point in our lives, since it is about the long-lived The Simpsons. The famous animated fiction starring the mythical yellow family has released its – and it is said soon – its thirty-third season this year.

Best series of 2021: the fictions that have starred in the year

As published ScreenRant according to the data published by What’s On Disney Plus, The Simpson It has become the leading series of the most ‘stremeado’ on Disney + in the year 2021, above the new fictions, which have not been few even despite having experienced the absence of its star series: The Mandalorian. Despite all the hype and the care received by Scarlet Witch and Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and Hawkeye, none of them has managed to unseat the long-lived animated series from the Top 1. Although most of them, yes, have crept into the Top 10 of course.

How was the listing obtained? As explained from the aforementioned publication, the information “It is based on data, which is recorded daily on the trending list and which takes into account the popularity of a show, and how long it has been popular on Disney +.” Thus, series launched at the beginning of the year will tend to perform better than the most recent launches, as well as those that have more episodes and have been on the air for a longer time.

The Simpson, which has been on the air since 1989 and is in its 33rd season, premiered all of them – more than 700 episodes – on Disney + in 2020, after the company’s acquisition of Fox. Likewise, their different shorts and specials have also seen the light on the platform, the most recent of them The Simpsons: The Good, the Bad and Loki.

The 24 original series and films that Disney + will premiere in 2022

According to the data collected by What’s On Disney Plus, The Simpson It was the most popular series in 2021 on the platform and is followed by some children’s programs, which is not surprising either. Already from the fifth position is when the new original series are found. Loki (5ª), The Mandalorian (6ª), Scarlet Witch and Vision (7ª), What would happen if…? (8th), Grey’s Anatomy (9th) and Falcon and the Winter Soldier (10ª).

There is no doubt that Disney + has had a great year and has quickly become a key figure on the streaming scene. This year the highly anticipated The Boba Fett Book Y His future projects with both Marvel and Star Wars include some of the most anticipated series of 2022 and years to come. Likewise, the premiere of films shortly after their debut in cinemas, as has happened with Eternals o The last duel is also a very promising strategy.

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