One of the most anticipated games of the month is also one of the most criticized for the Ukraine war, but the composer of Atomic Heart announces donations – Atomic Heart

Of all the featured releases for the month of februarythere is one that has been gaining interest as the arrival date has been approaching. Atomic Heart It is the first video game developed by mundfishand proposes an action title in the style Bioshock which is very striking. Of course, from the beginning there has been some controversy because it is a study based in Russia.

The team has avoided talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine during these months, and the fact of not openly and clearly condemning the country’s actions has generated a multitude of criticisms from a large number of users. However, Mick Gordon, composer of the music for Atomic Hearthas surprised this week by announcing something related to the war.

Mick Gordon donates his proceeds from Atomic Heart to aid Ukraine

Through a message shared on their social networksthe composer has announced that has donated the proceeds from his work on Atomic Heart to Ukraine, in order to help charitable campaigns in support of people affected by war. “The world must demand an end to the aggression and stand in solidarity with Ukraine,” Gordon says.

“This donation is a way for me to provide practical support to those whose lives have been affected by the war. The Red Cross has been a vital resource for those affected by the conflict, providing aid, medical care and psychosocial support. By supporting to the Red Cross, I trust that my action will have a positive impact on those in needand I am honored to use my work as a means to help those affected by the conflict.”

days to launch

After delay its premiere and recently confirm that already donefinally Atomic Heart has set its release date in pc, ps4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for the next one February 21stday on which it will also be available in the catalog of GamePass for all those who are subscribed to the Microsoft service.


If you are interested in knowing what the experience of playing the Mundfish title is like, you have published in 3DJuegos the Atomic Heart prints that our colleague Alberto Pastor has carried out after having been able to play it for four hours:

“I’ve been wanting it for several years now and finally being able to sit down to play for a few hours has made me breathe with relief. Its setting is incredible; the action is a faithful heir to the work of Irrational Games without losing the opportunity to create your own path, and although the open world still sounds strange to me in a game of these characteristics, I think it has potential to conquer us all“.