One of the most beloved series of the moment returns to streaming with a third season that could be the end

A comedy with a lot of optimism and heart that has put a little-known platform on the map. ‘Ted Lasso’ is back to leave with a goal for the entire squad.

Nobody gave a penny for her, just like nobody gives a penny for him in the series, but it has ended up gaining a place in the hearts of many fans of the series. An upbeat, even good-natured comedy series, the closest thing to a Ned Flanders in live action and a breath of fresh air in the sitcom scene. that series is ted lasso.

Is he great phenomenon of Apple TV +, a platform that was not very popular until this series arrived. Jason Sudeikis stars in the series and also serves as co-creator with Bill Lawrence, with Brett Goldstein being one of the writers and one of the strengths of a cast that also shines Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham.

This character originated for an NBC Sports ad, played by Sudeikis himself. In those ads, which caused a lot of laughter on social networks, we see a football coach from the University of Kansas who decides to jump across the pond and coach a traditional football team. Notably He doesn’t have any kind of experience in that sport and he doesn’t even know the rules.

‘Ted Lasso’, the Apple TV+ series that breaks records at the 2021 Emmys

Ted’s life changes when from one day to the next he is hired to take over the training of an English soccer team. They are on the brink of relegation to the second division, and the inexperienced coach must be the revulsive. Little does he suspect that the owner has made the decision to finish sinking the club and take revenge on her ex-husband, who bought the entity. Little will she suspect that her decision will have a major change in her life.

Those NBC commercials were a nice little joke, but you didn’t see the potential for a continued comedy with half-hour episodes. Yes, Sudeikis and company knew how to see it, they managed to sell it to Apple and, when it was announced, the surprise was widespread. But more surprising was to see how the series was conquering viewers with its story of losers willing to change their situation.

‘Ted Lasso’: breaking the rules

Taking elements from a classic sports comedy like A woman in the leagueadded to the funny absurdity of a football manager who doesn’t know the rules, the series offers a series of characters with whom it is easy to become attached and also burst out laughing. The footballers, the managers, the technical team. All are cared for in detail and have the opportunity to shine.

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Its second season surprised by making a turn towards dramatic comedy, exploring some dark aspects of Ted’s character that has part of his actor’s personal experiences. Thus, we have in ted lasso a series capable of both being a comfortable happy place and surprising when you least expect it. His return with a third season, which could be the final one according to its creators, is a perfect opportunity to recover it.

You can see ted lasso on AppleTV+.

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