One of the most difficult action games of 2022 dates its release on Xbox and Steam consoles: new SIFU trailer, which will bring a free expansion – SIFU

A couple of months ago we warned you that one of the best games of 2022 was going to be released on other platforms including Xbox and Steam: it is SIFU. Also, it is worth remembering that Arena mode is one of the most desired updates of users and can be enjoyed over the coming weeks.

The last thing we knew was that we were going to receive SIFU in Spring 2023, but now said launch window has been narrowed. Sloclap has released a new trailer on his YouTube channel about the expansion of the Arena mode and at the end of the video it can be seen that the 28th March SIFU is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Steam.

They have also explained how the Arenas mode works: “With 9 new locations and 45 challenges ruthless spread across 5 game modes, the Arenas expansion brings up to 10 extra hours game to the already demanding title”, say its developers. It should be noted that for an indie, it has sold more than a million copies since its launch, so its success is more than assured.

What did we think of Sifu?

At 3DJuegos we enjoyed a real challenge, and yet we were passionate about your experience. In this way, in the SIFU analysis we define it as follows: “Your battle system is exquisite in attack and defense, proposing great challenges throughout its wonderful levels. Sifu would be unforgettable if he had been able to propose a story and some more charismatic characters and a more memorable soundtrack, but in its strengths it will captivate any me vs. the hood fan.”