One of the most eccentric and surprising ‘thriller’ series of recent years returns to streaming with its latest season

With the M. Night Shyamalan guarantee seal guaranteeing surprise and first-rate performance, ‘Servant’ is one of the most amazing productions on the Apple TV+ platform.

One of the key directors of the last few decades made the leap into series on a newly created platform, making one of the most eccentric series of recent years in the process. Still a fabulous rarity within said streaming platform, Servant It has had an amazing journey that is about to come to an end.

Initially directed and produced by M. Night Shyamalan from an idea by creator Tony Basgallop, the series is quite a find and one of the first jewels of Apple TV +. With a superbly cast cast that includes Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free and Rupert Grint, this is one of the most surprise-laden productions on television today. Now it begins its fourth and final season.

Its premise is the following: a wealthy Philadelphia couple just lost their son thirteen week old named Jericho. For this reason, they undergo temporary object therapy using a realistic looking baby doll after the mother experienced a psychotic break.

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The toy is the only real child he believes he ever had and the one that brought him out of a catatonic state after Jericho’s death. Six weeks after the death, a young nanny named Leanne is hired to care for this doll. However, upon her arrival, a fascinating phenomenon occurs and the doll is replaced by a live baby. this will be the first of a lot of mysteries who hide behind this indecipherable babysitter.

The three complete seasons that have been seen so far are full of surprise twists and a disturbing and even terrifying air. Keys typical of Shyamalan’s fiction, which makes this a personal project not only directing and supervising the writing but also involving his family, with his daughter directing some episodes.

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Thus we have a plot with many intricacies and a pitch perfect thriller thriller and perfect atmosphere created from address. But the biggest surprise that keeps Servant It is his crazy touch of satire where he accurately dissects and viciously dissects the life of this wealthy family, full of absurdities and false appearances that want to give the impression of a happy and modern family.

With this last season that is beginning to unfold, Shyamalan puts the last great twist on one of the most unique fictions, which even though it goes through crazy terrain never ceases to be entertaining. The direction manages to catch you and that you cannot stop seeing it, and its actors are perfectly adjusted to move between the tragic and the comic without seeming that there is much distance between the two fields. That’s why it’s worth sticking with her now that she faces the final stretch.

You can see Servant on AppleTV+

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