One of the most popular games on Steam rises in price due to inflation seven years after its launch and the community agrees – Factorio

More than once we have told you about factorio, a hit automated factory building game which was originally released on Steam in 2016 in early access format, and which is also available on nintendoswitch since last year. In the case of PC, it is one of the most popular and beloved games, with millions of copies sold in all this time.

But if the title is current this week, it is not because it continues to be a success and continues to be in good health, but because Wube Softwareits developers, have communicated through social networks that, from this January 26, price increases due to inflation. According to them, the price is in line with inflation compared to the original launch almost seven years ago.

Factorio originally launched in 2016 and was even cheaper in Early Access

Although in the message they say that it will cost 35 dollars instead of the 30 dollars it previously cost, in the case of Spain it does not translate (at least at the time of writing these lines) into 35 euros: the increase applied leaves it in 32 euros, according to the game page on steam. The Nintendo Switch version does not appear to be affected. at least for the moment, since the profile of the title in the eShop it continues to show a cost of 30 euros.

It must be remembered that Factorio was sold at 20 euros during early access, going to cost 30 once it reached version 1.0. At the same price it was released in October on the Nintendo hybrid console. The most surprising thing is that a large part of the community has understood the decision and even applauds it, although it can be understood from the fact that those who already own the title are not affected by it. Be that as it may, the players have always appreciated the transparency of the study.

They don’t do sales to be honest.

Factorio’s success is no small thing. If we said at the beginning that we are talking about a very loved game on Steam, it is because in your annual summary confirmed that have sold 3.5 million copies of the game, selling, consistently, half a million per year. The title continues to receive updates on a regular basis, and the Wube Software team explained that they are reluctant to put it on sale to be honest with their players:

We do not plan any sales for Factorio. I know that the sales can make us a lot of money in the short term, but we believe that it is not profitable if we look to the future. Considering that we are not in a bad financial situation, we can think in the long term. We don’t like deals for the same reason we don’t like ‘with 99’ prices. We want to be honest with our customers. If it’s 20, we don’t want to make it look like it’s 10 with something. The same goes for offers, because basically you’re telling people who don’t waste time looking for those things that they should pay more”.