One of the most promising games on Xbox and Bethesda has released a new trailer: Redfall explains the origin of vampires – Redfall

Each thing they teach about Redfall is better than the last, and the trailers are proof of this. The open world of action developed by Arkane has revealed interesting details and features in recent weeks, such as that crossplay will continue on all platforms. Likewise, one of the enemies most remembered by Prey lovers will also debut in the video game. However, today Bethesda has offered us news about the history of Redfall.

As can be seen on the official Xbox YouTube channel, Bethesda has revealed a new redfall trailer Focus on your narrative. The video offers a brief explanation of how the city of Redfall succumbed to vampires. It turns out that a company called Aevum Laboratories was investigating what they called a “miracle cure” that some wealthy citizens were using to become vampires, according to what they say from Gamingbolt.

As time passed, the city began to submit to darkness and the sects began to attract followers. The first consequence of this was the sun, which went out and left many locals and citizens trying to survive to their fate. In the trailer, new excerpts of its gameplay have also been shown where we continue to face vampires and it is at the end of the video where what appears to be a boss appears that, surely, will present us with a full-fledged challenge.

More Redfall Details


There are less than two months left until Redfall is released, and they still have more news to share. For its part, Bethesda has already shared all the information about the Bite Back edition and that fans of the video game will like. In addition to this, Arkane Austin revealed many details several weeks ago that further excited the fans of this work. What he was most excited about was the ever-changing open world they are building.

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