One Piece Odyssey breaks into Japan with force, but not even with those can it overcome the eternal number 1 – One Piece Odyssey

Japan is one of the most important markets of the video game industry as they are part of its DNA. Another week the Japanese field comes to show that it is dominated by Nintendo. Sony also achieves some big sales in the Japanese country, while Microsoft has achieved good numbers in a few weeks.

The Japanese media Famitsu once again shows us the sales of the last 7 days, specifically from the 9 to 15 January. Last week almost the same thing happened as today, but this time there are new members in this weekly top. Without going any further, we have to highlight the big breakthrough of One Piece Odyssey both in PS4 as in PS5 achieving solid sales with more than 62,000 copies sold.

Another surprise is the good position that Dragon Quest Treasures has acquired. The rest is almost the same story, Switch dominates almost the entire list with Pokémon Scarlet and Purple reigning in the top 10. Splatoon 3 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are still unstoppable in Japan, but Switch Sports and Minecraft They keep selling the same thing week after week.


Best selling games of the week in Japan

  1. [Switch] Pokemon Scarlet and Purple – 64,799
  2. [PS4] One Piece Odyssey – 35,123
  3. [PS5] One Piece Odyssey – 26,879
  4. [Switch] Splatoon 3 – 22,094
  5. [Switch] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 18,172
  6. [Switch] Nintendo Switch Sports – 14,849
  7. [Switch] Minecraft – 11,025
  8. [Switch] Dragon Quest Treasures – 7,864
  9. [Switch] Super Smash Bros. – 7,587
  10. [Switch] Mario Party Superstars – 7,382

Best-selling consoles of the week in Japan

  1. Nintendo Switch OLED – 44,147
  2. PS5 – 39,468
  3. Nintendo Switch– 17,957
  4. Nintendo Switch Lite – 12,586
  5. PS5 Digital – 4,645
  6. PS4 – 2,456
  7. Xbox Series S-785
  8. Xbox Series X – 267
  9. New Nintendo 2DS LL – 93

What do we think of One Piece Odyssey?

one piece

In the writing of 3DJuegos we have been fortunate enough to play this work a lot, and in the analysis of One Piece Odyssey we define it as follows: “One Piece Odyssey can boast of being the most ambitious title of the last times of this famous series. And to this is added a visual section of the most interesting. The adventure becomes enjoyable and entertaining, there is no doubt about that, but it is also true that it lacks a greater depth, originality and spark to stand out”, pointed out our colleague Sergio Martín.