Only 5 hours long and stars a massive Colin Farrell: a chilling mini-series of survival and terrifying suspense

The Irish actor, star of ‘Inisherin’s Banshee’ and ‘The Batman’, achieves goosebumps with his work in ‘Ice Blood’, available for streaming.

One of those miniseries that passed very discreetly at its premiere in a completely unfair way. A shocking work of tension, suspense on the high seas and exploration of the most evil part of the human being, with two high-level actors doing truly amazing jobs. It is worth approaching the heartbreaking story of frozen blood.

This five-episode series premiered in Spain through Movistar+, where it can be streamed. There we find Colin Farrell, the star of Banshees by Inisherin and the memorable penguin of batmandoing one of his most immense interpretive works. He is perfectly matched by Jack O’Connell and Stephen Graham.

The series revolves around Henry Drax (Farrell), a harpooner and assassin whose abnormality has had to be molded in order to adapt to the harshness of their world. But one day, his life changes when she meets Patrick Summer (O’Connell), a man with a very different personality with whom he will have some really intense clashes.

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They both embark on a whaling expedition in the Arctic. Summer is a former army surgeon who finds himself on his way with a murderous psychopath like Drax. Seeking redemption, her story becomes a hard fight for survival.

Similar in many ways to the first season of The Terror, which also describes the horror of a maritime expedition trapped in the frozen North Pole, although with less of a fantastic component. Andrew Haigh’s miniseries, one of the most interesting British filmmakers of recent yearsgoes full panic and despair at extreme points where human compassion is lost.

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Survival at all costs, whether it be destroying the nature around you or any hint of connection to other humans, is displayed in its most intense facet. Farrell’s character is essential for this, thanks to an acting job that brings out all the terrifying and disgusting aspects of his character, a figure to be feared who represents the darkest part of the human being.

Humanity in its most animal facet, trying to hold on to any burning nail that involves overcoming this incredible adversity. And, very subduedly, attempts to maintain sanity and concern for other living beings. frozen blood is a truly extraordinary job that deserves to be claimed.

You can see frozen blood in Movistar+,

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