Orelsan told by his brother in a documentary series

(AFP) – “Never show that to anyone”, an event documentary series on the artist Orelsan, based on twenty years filmed by his brother, will be broadcast from October 15 on Amazon Prime Video, the platform announced on Tuesday. .

“I started filming from the first small theaters where there were not yet many people, I was the little brother, convinced that he was going to hit everything,” director Clément Cotentin (Orelsan , it’s Aurélien Cotentin for civil status).

“It is extremely rare to film for so long on a daily basis an artist as closely as possible, to see the starting point of a vocation and to attend the whole itinerary” underlines to AFP Justine Planchon, general manager in charge content from Mediawan Prod (structure overseeing Troisième Oeil, co-producer of the documentary).

For Clément Cotentin, now a journalist, “the right moment” has arrived to unearth his archives after the consecration of the album “La fête est finie”, published in 2017. Orelsan, with this record, leaves the rap box for to be listened to by a very large audience and won three Victoires de la musique in 2018.

To finalize the documentary, Clément Cotentin, who provides the voice-over, worked with Christophe Offenstein, co-director with Orelsan of the film “Comment c’est loin”. It took them three years to go through 2,000 hours of rushes and make six episodes of around forty minutes each.

The director promises to mix his “point of view of a little brother for whom everyone (music) is fantastic at the beginning” and insights into a sometimes “more complicated” reality. “It took a long time for Orel ‘, I show how little by little a career is built, my brother did not experience this + boom + of artists who succeed immediately at a very young age”.

The documentary highlights “the originality of Orelsan’s career”, “son of teachers (mother teacher, senior father of college) of a small Norman town, that we would have seen doing + Sup de co + and finish executive in an SME rather than becoming a rapper “underlines Maxime Delauney, producer at Nolita, also involved.

The film evokes the ups and downs, like the monster controversy surrounding the song “Dirty bitch”. “It was not just 30 canceled concert dates but possibly the career of a promising singer who stops” as summarized by Maxime Delauney. Prosecuted for provoking violence against women, Orelsan was released in 2016.

Besides the friends and the family of Orelsan, other artists intervene in this series, such Stromae or Gims. “The documentary can give the keys to enter my brother’s universe, understand the second degree, the distancing, understand his characters, what he did in the past and what he will do in the future” , concludes Clément Cotentin.

Orelsan will present the first two episodes at the Canneseries festival (October 8-13).