Orestes deserves to win the ‘Pasapalabra’ jackpot for these impressive achievements

The precious prize of the mythical contest already exceeds 2 million euros.

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Confirmed: Orestes Barbero is the best contestant of Pass word. This is how he has been demonstrating it for more than 300 programs. Despite the fact that the duels in ‘El Rosco’ with Rafa Castaño are increasingly tense and exciting, the man from Burgos surprises the spectators every afternoon with a new feat. And it is that on more than one occasion Orestes has stayed a word away from getting the boatwhich already exceeds 2 million euros.

The latest feat that the audience of the contest presented by Roberto Leal has enjoyed has not left anyone indifferent. orestes got ten straight hits on your first turn during the final test of ‘Pasapalabra’. But there is more. On the next turn she got another eight words right. Of course, Castaño was very close to him. Therefore, one more proof for the viewers that we are facing two great contestants.

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However, what finished off the audience was that, once again, Orestes was one word away from getting the boat. The man from Burgos reached 24 hits and, despite the fact that he was not very clear about it, decided to try his luck on the only word that he had left to win the prize that reaches 2,032,000 euros.

Orestes, the record man of ‘Pasapalabra’

This ‘Rosco’ by Orestes is further proof that the contestant has more than deserved to win the jackpot. And it is that the man from Burgos is breaking all the records of Pass wordeven globally. For example, no one in the history of the format had ever reached the 300 bagels. And Orestes, in two stages, has achieved this historic tercentenary figure.

In addition, Orestes is one of the few contestants who has managed to enter the ‘Club of the 100’ in two different stages. The man from Burgos, in fact, was the youngest to achieve it, since the first time he completed the 100 deliveries without interruption he was only 19 years old. An achievement that only his current adversary and another legendary contestant, Jero Hernández, have achieved.

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But there is more. Orestes achieved another historic milestone in the contest a few weeks ago. The contestant from Burgos consecutively guessed the first 22 words correctlysomething never seen in Pass word since 2009, when José Manuel Lucia reached 23 in the Telecinco era. In addition, the contestant has already exceeded the impressive figure of 100,000 euros accumulated in the program.

These data confirm Orestes as one of the best contestants who have gone through Pass word Y worthy jackpot winner. Although many viewers do not want her to win the prized boat, since she is starring in great duels with Rafa Castaño. Of course, the man from Burgos has more than deserved to win the jackpot and, who knows, maybe he also exceeds the record for money given in a contest: Eduardo Benito in 2006 pocketed 2,190,000 euros.

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