Over $400,000 For A Counter-Strike Skin: This Is The Weapon That Has Broken A New Valve In-Game Record – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Some players from Counter-Strike are willing to pay more than 400,000 dollars for the skin of a weapon. That’s the amount at which the highest bid in video game history for a cosmetic from the game began. AK-47. The emblematic assault rifle of the attacking side is the most used main weapon of the video game of Valve and its cosmetics some of the most coveted. This one is even more special. As estimated by the community, there are only 12 of them in the whole world. By now, if you’re not getting dizzy, you’ll be wondering what the hell it is that makes it worth almost half a million ‘bucks’.

Almost half a million dollars for a Counter-Strike skin

Let’s quickly explain the basics. As Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a community market, weapons have monetary value. They can act as financial assets. When someone buys a $300 knife skin, they can sell it again after using it, say a year later, and maybe even make a profit on the deal if that cosmetic has gone up in price. This must be added to the good health of a CS:GO that has broken a record of players ten years after its premiere and the eager collector of players.

Putting aside why CS:GO guns can be worth so much money and delving into the specs of this particular AK-47 is how we can solve the mystery. First of all, it is part of the Weapon Case. This ‘lootbox’ was released in 2013 and is very difficult to get nowadays and It sells unopened for over $75.. However, even getting hold of it we would only have a 1% chance of getting the weapon. But there is one more detail that makes everything virtually impossible.

This is a AK-47 Tempered Steel, whose appearance is based on the colors that this metal adopts when heated. In the game this translates to about a thousand possible color distribution patterns and this is 661, considered by the community as the most valuable of all. The reason is that it has a bright blue distribution across the entire upper part of the weapon (the one we see when playing the game) and a very distinctive bright-toned scratch. It also has a panel (stattrak) that counts casualties made with the gun. If we add this element together, the logical conclusion is that there are only twelve such weapons in the world and more will never be generated.

Ak 47 Case Hardened

Screenshot of the skin published by the owner

As if that were not enough, there is still another element that makes the weapon more expensive. Carry four holographic stickers of the Titan team that participated in the ESL Major Katowice 2014. This is considered the second rarest sticker in the entire video game. It has been a long time since the competition and it is the only major official Valve tournament played by the team. In addition, it is a well-known organization due to the fact that it had to be dissolved due to financial problems that worsened considerably when one of his players was caught cheating. The price of each of these stickers is estimated at around $24,000, although it could vary: there are so few that it is difficult to collect data.

What we’re getting at is that this combination is such a remote possibility that the great collectors of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive want to get it. It is the most exclusive product among the exclusive products and there are people willing to pay. In fact, last we heard, the seller had already received bids very close to $400,000. However, he prefers to wait to get a little more benefit.

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