‘Ozark’: First images, more episodes, release date, new faces and everything we know about season 4

The fourth installment of the fiction starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney will put the finishing touch.

Ozark returns to “life” a year and a half after the premiere of its third season. Last Saturday September 25th took place the first Netflix TUDUM, a macro fan event where the streaming giant has revealed succulent news about several of its productions. One of the chosen ones has been the fiction starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, of which a first video preview of the expected fourth and final installment.

The video, which you can see on these lines, shows a brief scene -with hardly any dialogue-, which makes it clear that the final stretch of the Byrdes on Netflix will be very complicated. The trailer shows a family party in Mexico, where Navarro is seen, leading the cartel that Marty (Bateman) and Wendy (Linney) work for. Both appear moments later trying to wipe the blood of Helen from their faces, killed in their presence by one of Navarro’s men. Some events that suggest that the action of this last batch of episodes will begin immediately after what happened in the last chapter of the third season.

The outcome of Ozark is getting closer and closer, and although the news of the season 4 They arrive with a dropper, we have prepared a compilation with everything that is known about her, so far.



Since the first season, the life of the Byrdes has been in constant flux. If in the first installment, Marty began his career in the world of money laundering, with no other pretense than to swell his accounts; in the second he already let us see that Marty wanting to continue “moving up” in the business, regardless of the consequences. An evolution that culminated in season 3, where with the casino already up and running, he manages to be respected by the Snell, who until now had power in the Ozarks.

But Marty is not the only one of the Byrdes who has undergone an astonishing evolution over the three seasons available on Netflix. His wife, Wendy, has gone from putting her hands on her head when she discovers what he does, to allying with Helen, Navarro’s lawyer, and ultimately with the latter. So, as you try to keep your children safe, you start planning new ways to expand the money laundering business.


Their relationship had been further cooled by Wendy’s fervent desire to become the visible head of society. However, after the tough decision that the family matriarch had to make, when she handed over her brother, Ben, to one of Navarro’s men; and after witnessing the brutal murder of Helen, everything indicates that in this last ‘sprint’ they will be more united than ever. Or at least that means this first scene of season 4, in which both, still in ‘shock’, share such a dramatic moment.

I know where it will all end in the end. He was interested in the big question that he [Mundy] has the opportunity to respond. Will they get away with it, or will they pay for what they have done? What message do you want to convey to the audience about the consequences of doing what the Byrdes have done? [Jason Bateman]

With these statements to IndieWire, the Emmy winner, he suggested a somewhat uncertain future for his character and that of Laura Linney. Some words that follow the line of those pronounced by the producer of the fiction, Chris Mundy. This speculated, after the announcement of the renewal of Ozark for a fourth installment, with the possible plot of the outcome of the fiction. “I think it will be about whether the Byrdes can turn the biggest mistake of their lives into a great advantage, and if they do, when will karma catch up with them?” The fact that that karma has not yet paid them in the same coin surprises even Bateman himself, as he explained in an interview with Jimmy Fallon in December 2020.

I don’t know how they keep increasing the danger without killing us or putting us in prison. We make every possible mistake without being killed or imprisoned. And we have more in the back room for this [temporada]. We landed the plane in a very satisfactory way [Bateman]

This last sentence may be a subtle ‘spoiler’ of what life will hold for the Byrdes in the final stretch of their television journey. A final stretch that, as Mundy has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter, will have a “very emotional” component. In part, as the producer has indicated, because of the consequences that Wendy’s last decision will have on her children, Charlotte and Jonah; and especially about the last one, who will be greatly affected by the death of his uncle, Ben.

After learning the truth about his mother, we can imagine that his attitude towards life will suffer. He has unquestionably followed his parents thus far, so it will be interesting to see how he changes his mind as he deals with the latest tragedy. [Mundy]


One of the few clues that the Ozark team has given is that a new member of Navarro’s family is going to come into play, Javi Elizonndro, who will be played by Alfonso Herrera. It is about his nephew, whom his mother, the sister of the drug lord, Camila (Veronica Falcón), encourages him to take control of the millionaire drug trafficking business, to oust his beloved brother from power.

But these are not the only faces that join the cast of fiction. Actress Ali Stroker arrives to play Charles-Ann, an old friend of Ruth’s mother, whose purpose seems to be to help the young woman resolve her differences with Marty and Wendy. And Bruce Davison will put himself in the shoes of the former senator from Illinois, Randall Schafer, who will be willing to listen to the occasional large offer.

After the murder of agent Roy Petty, at the hands of Ruth’s father -who was also eliminated from the game board-, the police officer Mel Sattem, played by actor Adam Rothenberg, will arrive in the Ozarks with the aim of discovering all the truth.

Among the newcomers, we will meet again with Ruth (Julia Garner), Darlene (Lisa Emery) and Wyatt (Charlie Tahan), who seem to remain aligned against the Byrdes. They will also be back the children of Marty and Wendy, Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) and Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz), who already expressed their discontent with their parents last season. Like Frank Cosgrove Sr. (John Bedford Lloyd) and Detective Jim Rattelsdorf (Damian Young).



The fourth installment of Ozark will premiere in two parts of seven episodes each. Unlike the three previous seasons, divided into 10 chapters, this latest Bryde adventure will feature a total of 14.

We are going to do 14 episodes instead of 10, and we are going to split them in two. So it will be seven and seven. So, it will really be like a fourth and a fifth season, but shorter. [Bateman]

This is how Jason Bateman announced, in the Jimmy Fallon program, the format chosen for this latest installment. Although it is unknown what has been the reason that has led the producers and Netflix to make this decision, for Bateman it only has a clear reading:

A bigger season means bigger problems for the Byrdes. I’m excited to end with a bang


At first, everything indicated that season 4 of Ozark It would be available on Netflix at the end of this 2021. But finally, we will have to wait a few more months to find out what the scriptwriters of fiction have prepared for these last two batches of episodes. At the moment, the streaming giant has not revealed the exact date of Wendy and Marty’s return to the platform. It is only known that it will be sometime in 2022, as you can see in the first trailer.

We can speculate with the possibility that, like the previous installment, March is the month chosen by Netflix to bring back the Byrdes, with that first part of the fourth season. If so, the second and final batch of episodes could be released in June, three months later, following the trend of other series such as La Casa de Papel.