Pablo Motos asks Emilia an “intimate” question, but he does not dare to say it out loud and leaves the viewers of ‘El Hormiguero’ in doubt

The singer visited the successful Antena 3 program to present her new song, ‘Tu recuerdo’.


the anthill received a visit from Emily This Wednesday, March 15. The Argentine singer attended the Antena 3 program to present her new single, I remember you, and talk about his upcoming tour of Spain. In addition, Pablo Motos did not miss the opportunity to speak with the guest about her sentimental relationship with fellow artist Duki and left an “intimate” question without revealing to the viewers.

“He is wonderful, he is a very charismatic guy. I can list millions, but His sensitivity is one of the things I like the most about him.. It’s a bear. He’s hating me right now. He makes trap music, he’s tougher, but he’s super sensitive and has a huge heart. He is loving, he is divine, “the artist confessed about Duki when asked how the presenter’s singer is in a couple.

Emilia and Duki are two of the most successful artists of the moment. For this reason, Motos wanted to know what it is like to combine the sentimental relationship between the two and their professional careers. “Luckily we understand each other super well. We have been able to understand our careers by doing the same. we accompany each other in the distanceThe video call is very important,” acknowledged the Argentine singer.

Motos’ curiosity went further and he proposed an unusual fact in the anthill. “I’m going to ask you a question and I’m going to write it down, OK? You tell me yes or no and let people interpret what I ask you, “declared the presenter while writing on one of his cards. The successful driver showed the question to the guest who answered:” Now? No, not for now”. “In the future it is projected, but for now, no”, admitted the Argentine.

This answer, and without knowing the question, has been interpreted by the viewers. Most of them are clear that Motos asked the singer if she planned to have children with Duki, or if she would like to be her mother. the presenter he did not want to reveal the question and he left it to the public’s imagination what he put on paper. “It was a somewhat intimate question and that’s why I can’t do it. You have to interpret at home, let people think about it,” Motos said.

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Thus, the host of the program left the viewers wondering what the question was. A moment that is not understandable considering that normally the presenter spends time before and after the program with the guests. Why ask that question in front of cameras? What was Motos looking for with it? It is not known, but what is clear is that Motos left Emilia’s fans in doubt.

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