Pablo Motos is moved in ‘El Hormiguero’ to hear Miguel Ángel Revilla talk about his wife

The Cantabrian president celebrated his 80th birthday on the Antena 3 program.


Miguel Angel Revilla came the anthill this Monday, January 23, to celebrate his 80th birthday. the cantabrian president has visited 30 times the Pablo Motos program and, even so, it continues to give television moments with great audience data. And it is that, the politician is a vein for the spectators. Therefore, it is not surprising that the successful format of Antena 3 changes its structure and devotes its entire duration to the conversation between Revilla and Motos.

The politician’s visit to ‘El hormiguero’ yesterday was no coincidence. On his last visit, in October, Revilla asked the presenter to celebrate his 80th anniversary on the program. Something that the presenter does not doubt. The Cantabrian president was going through one of the most difficult moments in his life at that time, since his wife was going to be operated on for cancer. The politician not only wanted to celebrate his birthday in the Atresmedia space, he also wanted to make a great tribute to the “love of his life”. And boy did she do it.

That day in Pilar, I was very touched because she was operated on for cancer the next day

Revilla did not know if he was going to be able to attend the October program, but his wife encouraged him. “I called you and told you ‘I don’t know if I’m going to be able to go.’ They operated on her and she is on chemo. With a lot of ‘race’. and she has come here“Revilla confessed to a Moto that was getting excited.

Why is he the love of my life? I take it 17 years. I am not Tom Cruise or Bertín Osborne. She was very supportive of me because she was affiliated with the party. In the ferris wheel [programa de Telecinco] Someone must have sensed that I needed a kidney transplant and surprisingly six people came to me, two from Cantabria and four from abroad, who offered to donate a kidney to me. I asked who they were and why they did it. One of those six people is Aurora Díaz, my wife, “revealed the politician, who made it clear that she was not yet the president of Cantabria.

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Motos recalled that even Felipe VI asked what was happening to the Cantabrian president, who did not say anything about his wife’s illness. “That night you came to the anthill shattered. You made an amazingly good ‘Anthill’“, affirmed the presenter. “But I winked since they intuited … That’s why I asked you to celebrate my birthday here and that she celebrate it,” Revilla replied with a broken voice and tears in his eyes.

“Dawn it is here because it is a ‘crack’. They have operated on his colon and then the chemo has been… And it is hard. Aurora has gained strength… Damn…”, Motos revealed, visibly moved while the camera focused on the president’s wife. “How can you tell that you are my friend”, Revilla declared and the audience began to applaud after a few seconds of silence. And it is that, the presenter has only broken twice in the program: when his mother died and last night.

Later, Motos proposed to the Cantabrian president to sing to his wife the song with which he conquered her and, the politician, he launched into singing the ranchera ‘Pa’ all year round’. A great tribute from Revilla to his wife who moved the entire public.

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