‘Parallel mothers’: Penelope Cruz, a new mother with doubts about her baby’s resemblance in this EXCLUSIVE clip

Pedro Almodóvar’s new feature film opens in Spain on October 8.

Penélope Cruz returns to the big screen and she does so at the hands of one of her fetish directors, Pedro Almodóvar. Parallel Mothers is the title of the new film in which the Madrid actress and the La Mancha filmmaker coincide. A drama in which the filmmaker returns to address one of his favorite themes, motherhood.

After inaugurating the recent edition of the Venice festival, where Penelope Cruz has received the Volpi Cup for Best Actress, Parallel mothers hits Spanish cinemas on October 8. Above these lines you can see the EXCLUSIVE clip that SensaCine offers you, in which you can savor a brief appetizer of that brilliant interpretation of Cruz that has given him one of the most prestigious awards in the seventh art.

In this new preview, the Oscar winner, in the skin of Janis, shares the scene with Rossy de Palma, another of the regular actresses in Almodóvar’s filmography. The veteran actress plays the director of a magazine, with whom Janis has a close friendship. The two chat about the resemblance of Janis’s newborn daughter. While she has doubts, and even suspects that it may not be her baby, De Palma’s character insists that the “ethnic traits” could have been inherited from her father.

I don’t know what my father was like. (…) It was a Venezuelan diler, according to my grandmother [Janis]

These words reveal one of the premises of the feature film, centered on that historical memory of the Spanish postwar period. The other is motherhood, narrated this time from the point of view of two women of very different ages, who met moments before becoming mothers for the first time. While Janis, a middle-aged photographer with a wealthy life, finds the idea of ​​becoming a mom wonderful; Ana (Milena Smit), is an upper-class young woman, terrified of her new facet as a mother.

Meeting Ana and doubts about the resemblance of her little girl, lead Janis to embark on un trip to his hometown. A place where it pretends find answers to some of the questions you’ve always had about your past.

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Along with Penélope Cruz, Milena Smit and Rossy de Palma, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Israel Elejalde, Julio Manrique and Julieta Serrano complete the main cast of Parallel mothers. The film, shortlisted in the category of Best Foreign Film for the Oscars, se opens in theaters next October 8.