Paramount + releases documentary on the Capitol riots

(ETX Daily Up) – It’s a very special first anniversary that Paramount + is celebrating. Just a year ago, the Capitol was under attack from supporters of Donald Trump. On January 6, the streaming platform decided to commemorate these tragic events in a documentary. All told by Mandy Patinkin. Just that !

The attack on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump had shaken the United States on January 6, 2021. Part of the population had not digested the victory of Joe Biden in the American presidential election. This historical fact is now recounted in a documentary series called “Indivisible: Healing Hate”. In all, six episodes will make up this docu-series with the first episode airing just one year after the fact. It is Mandy Patinkin, the actor of “Homeland” and “Criminal Minds” who will lend her voice for the narration.

The documentary series will look back on the rise of extremism that fueled these events and how the country is dealing with this divide.

Patience, for the moment, no date has been mentioned for a broadcast in France. For the more impatient, using a VPN could allow you to discover this documentary.