Party, anger and survival in ‘Venicefrenia’. You are not welcome in the ‘teaser’ of the new Álex de la Iglesia

Andrea Zamora

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The director’s film ’30 coins’ and ‘The bar’ opens in theaters on November 26 and is part of the Sitges Film Festival 2021.

Tourists are not welcome in Venice in the new Álex de la Iglesia titled Venicephrenia. The director of the series HBO 30 coins and the movie The bar premieres his next feature film on November 26 in theaters, but first it will have its world premiere in the Sitges Film Festival -Celebrated from October 7 to 17. Starring Silvia Alonso (Until the wedding do us part) and Ingrid García Jonsson (Explode explode), Sony Pictures has published a first preview of the film.

Party, anger and survival. With those three words the story that tells could be described Venicephrenia. In it, a group of Spaniards travels to Venice with the purpose of having fun, but they do not count on the inhabitants of the Italian city are fed up with what tourists are doing with the capital of the Veneto region.

So, masked and dressed in the purest Venetian carnival style, they have decided stop the invasion in the cruellest way possible. That will mean that the group of Spaniards who have the film as protagonists have to fight for their lives. What were to be a few days of fun will turn into a real nightmare.

Venicephrenia complete on principal department with Cosimo Fusco (Angels and Demons), Caterina Murino (Casino Royale), Nico Romero (Riot gear), Alessandro Bressanello (Specter) y Alberto Bang (Iron). On these lines, do not miss the trailer.