‘Pasapalabra’ has reached its all-time jackpot maximum: what would Orestes Barbero and Rafa Castaño spend the money on?

The legendary Antena 3 contest has exceeded 2,200,000 euros accumulated in its prize.


Pass word He continues to break his own records. The mythical contest has reached the largest jackpot in its history distributed, that is, the next contestant who guesses the 25 words of the donut will surpass Eduardo Benito and the 2,190,000 euros he won in 2006. Everything seems to indicate that the lucky one will be Rafa Castaño or Orestes Barbero so… what would both contestants spend the prize on?

No one has won the jackpot for 517 days, which means 345 consecutive programs without any contestant getting the 25 words of the final ‘Pasapalabra’ test right. Orestes and Rafa know that they have great “pressure” and that everyone is watching them. “If you take it, good. But if not, people are going to be saying ‘oh, I’m sorry’ all the time,” the Sevillian acknowledged.

On the occasion of this historic milestone, Roberto Leal asked the contestants what they would do with the money if they achieved this impressive figure. Although the number is scary, both contestants are clear about it. Orestes would spend the money on one of the passions of many viewers: traveling, but not anywhere. The man from Burgos confessed that he would “a big trip to Japan and New Zealand”, surely the dream of many.

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For his part, Rafa would do “a very crazy thing in this world: do things to earn money, but for pleasure.” “That million or 1.2 million net would allow you to lie down to read, learn languages ​​or study careers without worrying if the money will come to you or not. It would greatly reduce your chance of heart attacks. and heart disease. He would live very calmly”, affirmed the Sevillian.

Undoubtedly, both deserve more than anyone to take the pot of Pass word after more than 100 deliveries with very tense duels. However, anything can happen, and it may not be taken away by either of them and it ends up in the hands of a new contestant. We will have to wait and see when and who wins the precious prize.

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