Paul McCartney left a secret message at the end of the episode of ‘The Simpsons’ in which he appears (and also responded to rumors that he had died)

One of the nicest ‘easter eggs’ in the series does a favor for the vegetarian cause and also connects with the history of The Beatles.

throughout its history The Simpson they have had a incredible number of guest appearances, of cameos from celebrities who have come to interpret characters that were variations of themselves or directly interpret themselves. Some have been lent to take the joke even further and give the world of the series more richness with a series of winks or easter eggs.

One of the most curious and likeable takes place in ‘Lisa the vegetarian‘, the fifth episode of the seventh season. In it, as the name indicates, the middle daughter becomes aware of the damage to animals caused by the consumption of meat and decides not to consume it anymore, confronting her with the rest of the world. At the end of the episode she has to learn to live with carnivorous peopleand both Apu and the special guests Paul McCartney and his wife Linda McCartney contribute to this.

The singer and bassist of the Beatles has been one of the most prominent vegetarians on the planet, and he enjoyed championing the cause in his long-awaited appearance on the animated series. Of course, she made it a condition that Lisa’s change to vegetarianism not be punctual, but that she remain firm and that contributes to expanding the practice. The producers gladly agreed, and the relationship with McCartney was so smooth that they decided to take their collaboration a little further.

Recipes for soups and living people

In the episode the musician comments that one of his songs, ‘Maybe I’m Amazed‘ (dedicated to Linda), has a hidden message if you play it backwards. This message would contain the recipe for a very rich lentil soup. This doesn’t happen in the original song, but it does in the version played at the end of the episode, which was edited to include McCartney reading said recipe. The key is that the recording was entered backwards, so in effect you have to play the episode backwards to get the recipe.

The reason for introducing it this way is an ingenious response to the urban legends that said that the records and songs of the Beatles contained secret messages which could only be heard by playing the vinyl backwards. Many claim that inRevolution #9‘, the theme of The White Albumcontains the phrase “turn me on, dead man” (“turn me on, dead man”) in reverse, which supposedly confirmed that Paul McCartney was really dead and that since then we have been seeing an imposter placed so that it would not end the group prematurely.

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The urban legend of the fake McCartney has circulated for many decades, and the musician could not resist responding to it in the aforementioned episode. That’s why at the end, after reciting the entire lentil soup recipe, McCartney ends his intervention by saying “oh, by the way, I’m alive.” A round note to one of the best appearances they have had The Simpson.

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