Payrac. The Esperanza choir sings a musical tale this Thursday

The feast of Christmas is a time of joy, an opportunity to rekindle our hope, and to taste the benefits of living together. This is what the Esperanza choir comes to experience with you, once again this year, on the occasion of its concerts.

This polyphonic choir is based on the friendship between young choristers. For eight years, they have been working two weeks a year on different musical registers: sacred song, gospel, variety… This year the beauty of song is articulated with the staging of a tale to reveal the magic, the power and the the depth of the Christmas party. Passing holidaymakers and long-time residents, musicians and curious, young and old, come travel, share a moment out of time, this Thursday, December 30 at 5:30 p.m. at Saint-Pierre de Payrac church. The choir will give the same musical tale the next day, Friday December 31 at 3 p.m. at the Saint-Vincent de Meyssac church (Corrèze).

Participation in the concert is free. Donations go to Secours Catholique to support charitable initiatives in the region. See you soon to end the year… singing!

Contact: esperanza choir. Clémence Villeroy president of the association: 06 15 74 27 11.