Penn Badgley explains her reaction to the unexpected twist of the season 4 finale of ‘You’: “It was one of the funniest moments”

Part 2, made up of five new episodes, are now available on Netflix.

You Season 4 Part 2 is now available on Netflix, bringing with it one of the most unexpected plot twists in the series. In the first part of this latest installment, Joe (Penn Badgley) discovers that Rhys (Ed Speelers) is the murderer of the rich. From what we had seen, he was determined to unmask him once and for all.

However, one of the biggest revelations of the season throws Joe’s plans upside down. In episode 7 titled ‘Good man, cruel man’ (4×07) viewers and Joe himself found out that Rhys was Joe’s alter ego all this time. Although it was a real person, he and Joel never met until the moments before his death.

As in past seasons, Joe had developed an unhealthy obsession with Rhys to the point of literally losing his mind. For Bagdley, thanks to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, has explained how “refreshing” this unexpected twist has been:

That Joe is forming some sort of love relationship, attachment relationship, or true friendship with a man is quite refreshing. We got it with Forty in season two and he was iconic for that reason and also because James Scully is a great actor and he was a great character. I prefer it this way, because the only thing I couldn’t do with another friend was really go into his psychosis the way we’ve been able to do it this way. It was some of the most fun I think I’ve ever had playing Joe, even because he can talk more. If Rhys is essentially the embodiment of his thoughts, that means he’s not thinking as much. So that means Joe has to talk instead of think.

It is true that one of the details that most amused the audience was Joe’s eternal silences while he narrated all his thoughts in himself. So it can be said that those thoughts have been made more alive by imagining a part of herself as Rhys. Also, the weight he gives to the plot of realizing that he really was the one who kidnapped Marianne (Tati Gabrielle) is even greater after this revelation.

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In the end, Joe was able to continue his life with his new love thanks mainly to money. But Marianne is still alive and it is believed that she will not be very satisfied knowing that he has been able to get away with it. Will Joe now be the one being hunted? It would only remain to wait for a possible season 5 that has not yet been officially announced, but that fans are sure to look forward to.