‘Pennyworth’ runs out of ending and will not have season 4

HBO Max has taken out the scythe again to cancel ‘Pennyworth’: the series on the origins of Batman’s butler is left without an end and will not have season 4. This movement helps to continue clearing the way for the arrival of the new DC with James Gunn and Peter Safran leading the relaunch of this superhero universe.

Extinction the previous series of DC

In this way, HBO Max only retains one DC series prior to Gunn’s arrival at the studio. The title in question is the animated series Harley Quinnof which we will see a special episode this February and which last summer was renewed for a fourth season.

The ones that will not return to HBO Max either will be ‘Doom Patrol’ and ‘Titans’, whose cancellation was announced last week, while The CW is also becoming quite clear. ‘The Flash’ will come to an end this year and the future of ‘Superman & Lois’ is quite doubtful. The question that remains is how it will fit ‘Gotham Knights’, which opens this coming month of March, but do not be surprised if it ends up being canceled after a single season.

James Gunn promises that the new DC will be better than Marvel in something fundamental and reveals its references: "It will also be a universe like Star Wars and Game of Thrones"

Created by Bruno Heller, who at the time was also the head of ‘Gotham’, explored the story of Alfred Pennyworth years before he became Bruce Wayne’s butler. Now we will not see that, because we did get to know the parents of the future Batman in the series, but not him.

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