Pension reform: comedian, writer, TV hosts… who are the artists who are against?

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On the eve of the important day of strike against the pension reform, a hundred personalities sign a platform to express their opposition to this measure. Among them: actors, writers or TV hosts.

The Nobel literature winner Annie Ernaux, the actress Adèle Haenel, the actor Jean-Pierre Darroussin and the writer Nicolas Mathieu are among the hundred artists and intellectuals who protest against the pension reform in a column published this Wednesday by left-wing weekly Politics.

The signatories express their “determination to fight this archaic and terribly unequal reform project” in this forum put online this Wednesday, before the publication of the magazine on newsstands Thursday, day of strike and interprofessional demonstrations against this measure.

“The reform will hit hardest those who work in the most difficult, exhausting jobs – both physically and psychologically – and who are less likely to enjoy a peaceful retirement and imagine a future after 64,” say assert the signatories. “The objective, contrary to social history, is to make women and men work more and longer, who aspire to rest and to give free rein to their projects in a privileged moment of life”, they continue. about this reform, which plans to push back the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years.

According to these personalities marked on the left, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron thus wants “to seduce the right to create a majority that the ballot boxes did not give him”. Among the signatories are also the economists Julia Cagé and Thomas Piketty, the actresses Ariane Ascaride and Corinne Masiero, the musician Dominique A, the humorist Guillaume Meurice or the host Valérie Damidot.

The list of personalities

Dominique A, author, composer
Ariane ASCARIDE, actress
Patrick AUTREAUX, writer
Serge AVEDIKIAN, actor, filmmaker
Alain BADIOU, philosopher
Etienne BALIBAR, philosopher
Jeanne BALIBAR, actress
Lauren BASTIDE, author, feminist
François BÉGAUDEAU, writer
Lucas BELVAUX, filmmaker
Pierre BERGOUNIOUX, writer
Arno BERTINA, writer
Laurent BINET, writer
Romane BOHRINGER, actress
Dominique BOURG, philosopher
Nicole BRENEZ, film historian
Stéphane BRIZÉ, filmmaker
Mireille BRUYÈRE, economist
Dominique CABRERA, director
Julia CAGE, economist
Robin CAMPILLO, filmmaker
Barbara CARLOTTI, author, composer
Patrick CHAMOISEAU, writer
Samuel CHURIN, actor
Hélène CIXOUS, writer
Maxime COMBES, economist
Philippe CORCUFF, lecturer in political science
Alexis CUKIER, philosopher
Alain DAMASIO, writer
Valérie DAMIDOT, television presenter, actress
Jean-Pierre DARROUSSIN, actor
Laurence DE COCK, historian
Geoffroy DE LAGASNERIE, philosopher
Monté DE LINGUISTICAE, author, videographer, popularizer
Marie DESPLECHIN, writer
Rokhaya DIALLO, author and director
Cyril DION, filmmaker
Samia DJITLI, president of Trans Musicales
Olivier DUCASTEL, filmmaker
EMMA, designer
Didier ERIBON, philosopher
Annie ERNAUX, writer
Jean-Michel ESPITALLIER, writer
Didier FASSIN, anthropologist and doctor
Éric FASSIN, sociologist
Brigitte FONTAINE, poet
Geneviève FRAISSE, philosopher
Bernard FRIOT, sociologist, economist
Irène GARCIA GALAN, author
Antoine GERMA, screenwriter
Brigitte GIRAUD, writer
José-Manuel GONÇALVÈS, artistic director
Robert GUEDIGUIAN, filmmaker
Alain GUIRAUDIE, filmmaker
Emilie HACHE, philosopher
Adele HAENEL, actress
Kaoutar HARCHI, writer
Jean-Marie HARRIBEY, economist
Liêm HOANG-NGOC, economist
Christian INGRAO, historian
Sabina ISSEHNANE, economist
Hugues JALLON, writer, editor
Agnès JAOUI, actress, filmmaker
Gaël KAMILINDI, actor
Razmig KEUCHEYAN, sociologist
Bernard LAHIRE, sociologist
Mathilde LARRÈRE, historian
Éloi LAURENT, economist
Yvan LE BOLLOC’H, actor
Elisabeth LEBOVICI, art critic
Bertrand LECLAIR, writer
Frédéric LORDON, philosopher
Sandra LUCBERT, writer
Jacques MARTINEAU, filmmaker
Corinne MASIERO, actress
Nicolas MATHIEU, writer
Dominique MÉDA, economist
Guillaume MEURICE, author, comedian
Christophe MIOSSEC, author, composer, performer
Ariane MNOUCHKINE, director
Felix MOATI, actor
Marie José MONDZAIN, philosopher
Gérard MORDILLAT, novelist, filmmaker
Jean-Marc MOUTOUT, filmmaker
Myr MURATET, photographer
Gérard NOIRIEL, historian
Stanislas NORDEY, director
Juliette NOUREDINE, author, composer, performer
Gaëlle OBIEGLY, writer
Lorrain BIRD, author
Mariana OTERO, filmmaker
Yves PAGĖS, writer, editor
Stefano PALOMBARIN, economist
Charles PENNEQUIN, poet
Gilles PERRET, filmmaker
Nicolas PHILIBERT, filmmaker
Ernest PIGNON-ERNEST, visual artist
Thomas PIKETTY, economist
Dominique PLIHON, economist
Thomas PORCHER, economist
Christian PRIGENT, poet
Nathalie QUINTANE, writer, teacher
Philippe QUIRION, economist
Patrice ROBIN, writer
Olivia ROSENTHAL, writer
Christian ROUAUD, filmmaker
Lydie SALVAYRE, writer
Gisèle SAPIRO, sociologist
Régis SAUDER, filmmaker
Hervé SERRY, sociologist
Pablo SERVIGNE, author
Yves SINTOMER, professor of political science
Bruno SOLO, actor
Barbara STIEGLER, philosopher
Charles TEMPLON, actor, director
Hélène TORDJMAN, economist
Anna TOUMAZOFF, feminist activist
Valérie TRIERWEILER, journalist
Henri TRUBERT, editor
USUL, Youtuber
Serge VALLETTI, playwright, screenwriter
Thomas VDB, actor
Gisèle VIENNE, choreographer
Sophie WAHNICH, historian
Jacques WEBER, actor
Michel WIEVIORKA, sociologist