Peridot, the new from the creators of Pokémon GO in which we will dedicate ourselves to caring for creatures, already has a date on iOS and Android

Beyond Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom, Niantic is also working on the development of Peridothis next Augmented Reality video game about which he has just revealed that it will be the May 9 when it will be available for download on mobile devices.

In this title the protagonists are the Peridots, also called Dots, who had remained in a deep lethargy for thousands of years. Now they have awakened in our world and they will need our help in order not to be extinguished, but each one of them is unique due to their colors, fur, horns, tails and many other details.

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For their part, the players will be the guardians and their mission will be to ensure that the Dots they obtain are in perfect condition, either by taking care of them so that they are healthy or by taking actions to keep them happy. In turn, they can be fed as they grow until they are adults so that in this way they can give life to new creatures and so on.

At the moment it is already possible to pre-register in its version for iOS in the App Store and also from Google Play if you play with Android. In fact, those who sign up and play during the first two weeks of launch will get an exclusive hat to change the look of their Dots.