Peter Jackson premieres ‘The Beatles: Get Back’, an extraordinary documentary about the band’s never seen before

Seven hours of unpublished material will see light in three episodes that arrive at Disney + on 25, 26 and 27 of 2021. The famous filmmaker unravels them in a press conference held in Los Angeles.

‘Get Back’ is one of the most famous songs from The Beatles’ latest album, ‘Let It Be’, and in turn the title of the extraordinary documentary directed by Peter Jackson that shows for the first time never-seen images of the recording sessions of that mythical album. With 7 hours of duration divided into three episodes, The Beatles: Get Back debuts this November 25 on Disney + with the first of them. The remaining two, which complete the piece, will be made available to subscribers of the platform on November 26 and 27, 2021 respectively., and all of them will fulfill the same promise: to be a real joy for fans of the Liverpool band around the world.

As the New Zealand filmmaker, a big fan of the legendary Liverpool band, explained to us, “I remember buying the Red and Blue albums of their best hits when I was young, and that’s when my passion for their music began. I think you had to be a fan of The Beatles to make this documentary, because there was so much material (about 150 hours of audio and more than 50 of video). we will have the opportunity to hear first-hand the conversations and interactions they had in 1969 while recording ‘Let It Be‘and also other songs that appeared on’ Abbey Road ‘, which came out that year, and on other albums. “Recent press conference held in Los Angeles, on the occasion of the presentation of the documentary series.

The initial plan they had was to prepare a television program where they would play these new songs live, and in the end they ended up improvising an unforgettable concert on the roof of the studio., which would ultimately be their last appearance together before the band disbanded. That is why this documentary is so relevant, as it allows us to see The Beatles like never before, shortly before the band disbanded. However, it is not the document of a breakup, but an intimate and unforgettable vision of what is probably the most legendary band in history.

In Jackson’s words: “The images show his genius and improvisation capacity, and even a certain disorganization at times.”

We have Michael Lindsay-Hogg to thank for capturing those candid images of the group rehearsing and interacting, as he used all kinds of techniques to record them without them sometimes noticing.

“Sometimes,” Jackson continued, he even covered the camera’s red light with tape to throw them off the track. Today’s technology has allowed us to remove noises and sounds that previously obscured their conversations, to show Paul, John, Ringo and George in the most natural way possible. “

“The documentary shows how their plans change and even the difficulties they have to overcome,” the filmmaker explained to the media, “and also the way they unite in the face of adversity. There are many surprising and fascinating things that the public will discover. of them when they see this work; but, deep down, do not forget that they are normal people. And it is that, sometimes, when you remove the veil that covers reality, you are disappointed to see what is behind it. However, andor I have come out of this experience having a greater admiration and respect for them still, if possible “.

Peter Jackson has reconstructed these graphic and sound documents with the perfectionism that characterizes him and that he already demonstrated in his documentary on World War I “They will not grow old”.

Now brings us “Get Back”, an incredible documentary of more than 7 hours that Disney + offers its subscribers divided into 3 parts, and that promises to delight millions of fans of The Beatles and music in general.