‘Petite maman’: Childhood and guilty motherhood in the EXCLUSIVE trailer in Spanish of the family story of Céline Sciamma

Andrea Zamora

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The new from the director of ‘Portrait of a Woman on Fire’ opens in Spanish cinemas on October 22.

After becoming one of the most talked about directors of 2019 with her film Portrait of a woman on fire, Céline Sciamma premieres her new project behind the scenes. Little mom lands in Spanish cinemas on October 22. On SensaCine we bring you in EXCLUSIVE the trailer in Spanish of the film. You can see it on these lines.

Little mom follow Nelly, an eight-year-old girl who just lost her grandmother. After the funeral, she and her parents move to the house of the deceased to keep her belongings. That place, those objects and those walls move Marion, Nelly’s mother, to her childhood.

One day, the protagonist wakes up to discover that her mother is not there. After her father explains that it was very difficult for her to stay in that house, Nelly goes into the forest. There he meets oa girl her age with the same name as her mother’s and with whom she begins a friendship.

Little mom competed for the Golden bear at Berlin Film Festival and was part of the section Perlak at San Sebastian Festival.

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For this film, Sciamma has had Joséphine Sanz in the role of Nelly, Nina Meurisse as Marion and Stephane Varupenne as the father of the protagonist. Gabrielle Sanz -the twin sister in real life of the actress who plays Nelly- she gets into the skin of the girl in the forest.