Philippe Dupouy on “Radio Coteaux” in Lalanne-Arqué

Recently, Philippe Dupouy, president of the departmental council since January 25, 2022, was the guest of “Radio Coteaux”. Interviewed by Patrick Martinez and Pierre Bucher, Philippe Dupouy discussed the main topics concerning the department and the company. He first affirmed his belonging and his attachment to the Gers, whose values ​​and territory he defends. Former mayor of Touget, general councilor then departmental since 2004, vice-president of the departmental council from 2008 to 2022, Philippe Dupouy said how important it is to have first had a local mandate. Purchasing power, energy and economy, work and pensions, all these topics were discussed.

The president of the department evoked the role of the associative fabric and the contributions of sports. He tackled the crucial issue of water with the water development and management plan (Sage). Concerning the agriculture that the departmental council supports, Philippe Dupouy specified the common wish to bring producers and consumers closer together. In addition, he addressed the delicate subject of roads and indicated that everything contributes to the increased opening up of the department.

Other areas covered: health and school, where the county council works, whether to fight against medical deserts or to allow college students to work in good conditions. Philippe Dupouy has not forgotten tourism and his interest in the Astarac regional natural park project.

To the listeners, he wished that the “optimism” and the richness of the joint work of the local partners (communities of municipalities, region, cities and department) dominate so that “the attractiveness of our territory” lives.

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