Pierre Palmade victim of intimate video blackmail by an escort-boy

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A 28-year-old escort boy tried to extort money from comedian Pierre Palmade, whom he had filmed in an intimate situation.

According to information from Parisiancomedian Pierre Palmade was the subject of an extortion attempt for a fortnight, after spending a few hours in September with an escort boy.

The latter, a young man of 28, is suspected of having tried to extract 4000 euros from the actor, in exchange for the removal of a compromising video. Already known to the police, the blackmailer had filmed Pierre Palmade at his home while he was in an intimate situation. He then threatened to transfer the video to his directory.

The blackmailer was arrested by the police and presented to the Paris court on Wednesday January 18. He will be tried in April for “blackmail”. According to our colleagues, the facts would be partly recognized by the respondent.