Playing 6,000 hours of Red Dead Online on Stadia might sound crazy, but it pays off in the form of a Rockstar gift – Red Dead Online

It’s official: Google Stadia has come to an end. The cloud gaming service has closed its doors for good this week, which means that players who enjoyed games on it can no longer do so. A few months ago we told you about one of these users, who showed himself desperate to have 6,000 hours played in a title of rock starand now there is news about it.

The game in question is Red Dead Onlinethe multiplayer mode of red dead redemption 2 which streamer ItsColourTV has spent an almost absurd amount of time on. Nevertheless, their thousands of hours spent have been rewarded with a Rockstar giftwhich he has taught in the video that you have on these lines.

Rockstar has sent you all kinds of promotional items from the game

It is a gift from the North American company and, according to what the player has shown in his live broadcast, it includes several objects from Red Dead Redemption 2, such as t-shirts, bags, keyrings and all kinds of promotional materials western originally launched in 2018. You can see some of the things it includes in the image that he has shared on Twitter and we leave you here below:

The Stadia controller, released

On the occasion of the closure of its cloud gaming service, Google wanted to have a detail with those who trusted the technology and has made available to users the option of unlock stadia controller. This means that, if we modify it by following the steps that they tell us, we can use it to play on other devices (computers, laptops or more Windows 10 and 11 devices, macOS 13, Android, etc.), since before it was only compatible with Google service.