PlayStation does not trust Xbox and its promises with the purchase of Activision, and the reason is Starfield – Starfield

Activision Blizzard’s purchase agreement by Microsoft faces key weeks in several markets, and for better or worse we will have to have some important news very soon. Meanwhile, more and more statements from the agents involved, including Sony as an apparently affected party, are becoming known. The last one has Starfield and Bethesda as protagonists.

In your desire to block the transaction, PlayStation turned to the UK Markets and Competition Authority exposing how, in his opinion, the owners of Xbox would have broken their word with the acquisition of ZeniMax Media. In more detail, they cite a few words addressed by Microsoft to the European Commission, at the time of purchase from publishers of The Elder Scrollswhere the Redmond giant would have claimed to have no incentives to stop or limit the presence of ZeniMax video games on rival consoles.

Sony responds to Microsoft's offer and makes its position clear: "It will irreparably harm competition and innovation in the industry"

Shortly after the deal closed, PlayStation added in its position before the British CMA, Phil Spencer began talking about “delivering great exclusive games” – a promise that was fulfilled with the announcement only on Xbox consoles from Redfall and Bethesda, which could be joined later by The Elder Scrolls VI.

PlayStation does not want any agreement with Microsoft

So, Sony is very skeptical that Microsoft will honor any kind of performance pact given the Bethesda precedent. But despite this, from Xbox they want to clear up any doubt about it by signing contracts, possibly with clauses that guarantee compliance, with different companies in the sector. For example, today an agreement has been reached with Boosteroid.

PlayStation has denied for active and passive want to reach an agreement with Microsoft that guarantees the presence of Call of Duty on their consoles. “I don’t want a new deal for Call of Duty. I just want to block your purchase.”

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