Pokémon GO introduces one of the most anticipated novelties: The XXS and XXL size now affects all available Pokémon – Pokémon GO

In a month in which we are having access to very interesting events, Pokémon GO He wanted to take the opportunity to definitively introduce one of the most anticipated updates by the community. Is about the variety of size of the creatures. This mechanic was introduced as a test throughout the month of December into three species from the Pokédex (Poochyena, Mightyena, and Mawile), resulting in a huge hit among players. The main change is that from now on it applies to any pokemonso they all have three visual variants based on their size.

Size XXL and XXS is now available in the entire Pokémon GO Pokédex

The only difference between normal-sized Pokémon and the others is in their in-game model. In this sense, the challenge focuses more on collecting and the memes of seeing a small Tyranitar or other species of gigantic size. To delight ourselves with this, we will have access to a new record in the Pokédex. It will be activated when we have captured a certain monster three times, showing which has been the largest and smallest (and weight) that we have achieved. Every time we make a catch that stands out in any of the four categories (higher weight, lower weight, larger size, smaller size) we will be shown a record screen.

Most Pokémon GO players will already have this size mechanic under control, because It has not received too many changes since its test version. However, it was an addition that the community liked and that now applies to all species in the Pokédex. Whether we’re looking for the elusive Kecleon or enjoying the next Community Day, we always have the option to catch Pokemon of different sizes. After all, species are still some kind of equivalent to animals in the real world, so the addition of this type of distinctive is appreciated that make each copy unique.

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Many players already know the Pokémon GO record screens

Other news coming to Pokémon GO

In addition to this addition, Pokémon GO players will be able to enjoy new events very soon. The Lunar New Year is about to begin in the video game, also coinciding with the Classic Larvitar Community Day. Also, although already in the last days of the month, it will be available crackling voltage and the chance to find tapu koko in raids. Niantic’s game never stops, and it won’t do so even less now that it is firmly heading towards its seventh anniversary. For test, the full game schedule this January