‘Poldark’: How many seasons and episodes does the praised British series have that arrives in the afternoons of La 1?

RTVE’s new bet to fill the absence of ‘Servir y proteger’ is a ‘remake’ of another fiction from 1975 which in turn is an adaptation of the saga of homonymous historical novels.

RTVE premieres this afternoon a new seriéphile tandem to replace the void left by the Spanish tabletop series serve and protect. Starting this Monday, La 1 will air a single episode of his new series of The promise and will be accompanied by the issuance of a lauded british fiction call poldark that at least the viewers who are most fond of the universe of the series will surely have it perfectly located.

Thus, after the good reception of The promise last week, the public chain will further dose its duration betting on filling the absence of the series starring Luisa Martín with a double episode, but from two different series. In this way, the afternoons of La 1 will remain as follows: A new episode of the Bambú Producciones series The promise at 4:25 p.m. and right after, at 5:25 p.m., an episode of the British poldark.

How you remember, serve and protect he said goodbye forever on January 16, 2023, with the broadcast of his episode 1372 and five years on the air.

‘Poldark’: what it is about and how many seasons and episodes it has

For those less familiar with poldarkthe acclaimed British fiction is about the ‘remake’ of a famous series of the same name broadcast between 1975 and 1977 -and which in Spain was also broadcast by RTVE- which in turn is adaptation of the saga of homonymous novels by Winston Graham.

Premiered in 2015 on the prestigious British channel BBC One, Poldark takes us, like the first issues of Graham’s saga, to 18th-century Britain, specifically 1781, to introduce us to its protagonist, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner), a British Army soldier returning to his Cornish copper mines after several years in the service to face legal charges of a criminal offence. During that time Ross fought the War of Independence and he is no longer the same, but his life has also changed a lot from where he left it: his father is dead, his farm is in ruins and his girlfriend, Elizabeth, who, like everyone else, gave him for dead, she is now engaged to her cousin.

Despite the coup, Poldark will be willing from that moment on to make his father’s mine reborn from its ashes, but the evil banker George Warleggan will not make things easy for him for his own ruthless interests.

The series, which from the outset was It has been very well received by the BBC and has been highly praised by international critics.l, has been much longer than the original: it has aired for a total of five seasons and consists of 49 episodes.

poldark came to an end in August 2019, but now La 1 offers its viewers a golden opportunity to see the praised fiction, with a new premiere episode from Monday to Friday that can also be enjoyed on demand by RTVE Play. If things go as planned, RTVE will need 10 weeks to broadcast the complete serieswhich could accompany The promise, if nothing changes in the chain’s strategy, until the end of March.