PORTRAIT. Starring in a detective series, Laurent Manzoni does not forget his Montalbanian roots

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Every Friday evening, on France 2, he plays Commissioner Félix Fontan in the series “Le crime suits him so well”. It was in Montauban, where he grew up, that Laurent Manzoni took his first steps on a theater stage.

After the Montalbanais Stéphane Hénon who played the police commander Jean-Paul Boher in the series “Plus belle la vie”, the broadcast of which stopped last November, another actor with Tarn-et-Garonne roots is illustrated in a television soap opera. We want to talk about Laurent Manzoni, born March 2, 1965 in Paris but whose parents are from Montauban. Laurent has recently played Commissioner Félix Fontan in the series “Le crime suits him so well” which you can see on France 2 on Fridays, in prime time, at 9:10 p.m.

From the age of 7, Laurent lived in Montauban, where he returns regularly to see his father. He still remembers the Bourdelle college and the Michelet high school which he attended to later return to Bourdelle as a pawn.
In his childhood, like many young people from Tarn-et-Garonne, he practiced rugby in school and had as a sports teacher a certain Jean Daynes, champion of France with USM rugby but later preferred to move towards karate where he became champion of the Pyrenees (young category).
His mother devoting a passion for the piano, she made him take lessons with Madame Cauquil, of whom he still has excellent memories.

Then, his passion for the theater took over and made him start at Jean Durozier’s TPO (Théâtre Populaire en Occitanie) at the age of 17: “We had a great time with the troupe. We scoured all the villages of the Tarn-et-Garonne department performing plays such as The School for Women, The Doctor Despite Him and so many others. I also remember one of Jean-François Soulié’s first short films, Procession, which I shot; by Murielle Magellan, writer and director born in Limoges and having grown up in Montauban, without forgetting the journalist Jean-Wilfrid Forquès, correspondent for BFM TV and RMC”.

And to conclude, with a certain humor: “We should never leave Montauban!”.

His career in theater and cinema

Laurent Manzoni has just finished a show around Tchekov at the Théâtre de Poche in Paris.

His training: Toulouse National Conservatory DEUG in philosophy, Le Mirail University (1984/86), National School of Dramatic Art of the National Theater of Strasbourg (1986/89).

In theater and cinema: Laurent Manzoni has more than 60 plays to his credit, 5 short films, 35 television films including “Engrenages” and “Un village français”, 7 radio broadcasts, various voice dubbings, notably for Arte.