PORTRAIT. These women who move the Lot (5/5): the DJ who makes the Causses dance

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International Women’s Day on March 8 is an opportunity to highlight these women who move the Lot through a series of portraits throughout the week. In the nights of Lot and Toulouse, she is known as DJ Sara_labb, Sarah Gerothwohl is also co-founder and president of the cultural association Ren’art dedicated to electronic music in Lalbenque.

She moves Lotois in the literal sense of the term with electro sets with exotic, tropical or oriental sounds. Sarah Gerothwohl, 25, passionate about electronic music, is now a well-known name in the industry in Toulouse and here. Co-founder, president and DJ of the Ren’art collective, with her blaze Sara_Labb, she oscillates between several musical styles. At the end of January, she monopolized the Docks scene in Cahors alongside a great Argentinian DJ.

Boost your territory

The young woman who lives and works today in Toulouse does not forget her native Lot, especially her childhood and her friends from primary or high school in Lalbenque. In 2017, they say to themselves that they must commit to their village, animate it and democratize electro in rural areas. “We were starting to study in Toulouse, we saw lots of musical collectives. We thought it would be good to create our own, but a rural collective. It’s really our project to energize our territory that we love, make it shine on a larger scale. At the beginning, there were ten of us, now we are 30” she says.

Fifteen female electro DJs in Toulouse

Fifteen female electro DJs in Toulouse

The Ren’art collective was born and since then it has continued to organize events around this musical genre, most often in Lalbenque. “Electro pétanque”, evenings at the village hall, and since 2019, the Summer of Love festival over two days, enough to thrill the Lot nights. This year, the festival will take place once again in Laburgade on the 3rd weekend of July.

Women valued in electro

“This festival is the culmination of our project by highlighting a local scene, national and international DJs. We do about ten events each year, also in Toulouse, like on March 4 at the Rex. takes a lot of time with at least one meeting a week, I have been very involved from the start and president for a year and a half” specifies the young woman. Since last year, the collective has even launched its own label: RNT Record focused on the production of music by local artists.

In her daily life Sarah Gerothwohl lives and breathes electro, even her work is not so far from music since she does marketing strategy for a violin import-export holding company. But the young woman did not think of becoming a DJ one day. “I gravitated towards the world of electro music through the association, the associations and my friends. Finally, it was during confinement that my spouse at the time and our roommate, both DJs, taught me to mixer. Today, there must be about fifteen female DJs in Toulouse. I am lucky to be surrounded by caring people, and women in electro music are now valued, “she concludes.