Prateik Babbar gave a special tattoo in memory of Smita Patil

Prateik Babbar gave a special tattoo in memory of Smita Patil

Prateik Babbar Gets inked with a tattoo of his mother Smita Patil’s name on His Heart: Prateik Babbar is one of the stars of Bollywood who loves his mother Smita Patil. Prateik Babbar often remembers his mother even after his mother dies. Prateik Babbar does not forget to mention his mother even in front of the media. Prateik Babbar becomes emotional by remembering his mother many times. Meanwhile, Prateik Babbar has done a new job to cherish the memories of his mother.

Prateik Babbar has got a tattoo done on his chest Some time ago Prateik Babbar shared this tattoo picture with the fans. In this tattoo, Prateik Babbar has written the name of his mother Smita Patil. The date of birth of Smita Patil 1955 is also written under the name. It is worth noting that Prateik Babbar has not minted the day of Smita Patil’s death in this tattoo.

In its place, Prateik Babbar has made the sign of Infinity. This tattoo of Prateik Babbar shows that his mother is still close to his heart and is alive in his memories. In the picture, Prateik Babbar is seen lying with his dog. Sharing this cute picture, Prateik Babbar wrote, I have written my mother’s name close to my heart. She will always be alive in my heart.

Significantly, Prateik Babbar’s mother Smita Patil was a well-known Bollywood actress. Smita Patil died a few days after giving birth to Prateik Babbar. At that time Smita Patil was only 31 years old. In such a situation, Prateik Babbar has spent his childhood without a mother. This pain is often reflected in the words of Prateik Babbar.

Prateik Babbar is very happy with his new tattoo. Talking about this tattoo, Prateik Babbar said, “I always wanted to get a tattoo of my mother. For many years I was thinking about this. Now I have the mother’s name written on my heart. My mother will always be with me because of this tattoo. Thinking about this, I become very happy.