Prime Video Alert: You have a few days to see this intense ‘thriller’ by Jake Gyllenhaal full of tension and dangerous streets

An adrenaline and nervous exercise of the director of ‘Suicide Squad’ through the streets of Los Angeles. Do not miss ‘Without truce (End of watch)’.

Asphyxiating and continuous tension through the most dangerous streets of Los Angeles, shot with incredible doses of adrenaline and nervousness that spread to the viewer. A powerful and different police thriller in its visual invoice with one of the most beloved stars capable of making any type of film. Do not miss Without respite (End of watch).

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this powerful crime and suspense film alongside Michael Peña, being directed by David Ayer in his biggest project after Training Day (Training Day) and before getting into the Suicide Squad mess. A film cannon shot that can be seen in Amazon Prime Videoalthough for a limited time since March 3 leaves the platform.

Two young Los Angeles police officers, Brian Taylor (Gyllenhaal) and Mike Zavala (Peña), are death threats by a drug cartel after, following a raid, large amounts of money and many weapons were confiscated from some of its members, dealing the organization quite a blow in what was supposed to be a routine operation.

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The film dives deep into the lives of these two men and their work within the force, and we’ll see them from all possible perspectives that new technologies provide us with. Taylor records all your activities for a college class after returning to duty following a recent officer-involved shooting.

Yesterday he grew up in the South Central area of ​​Los Angeles, where crime and delinquency were rampant and the police end up very present. So it is logical that a good part of her career has been dedicated to exploring members of state security. Although in movies like Training Day dedicated himself to pointing out the corruption in the body, with this film I wanted to pay tribute to his workespecially police officers with whom he is friends.

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It is because of that Without respite (End of watch) is marked by two very human characters, with lives full of nuances and also problems as well as a complex relationship. How he treats these protagonists is as key to his success as his inventive use of unconventional cameras to blend traditional footage with found footage.

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His way of portraying the hard work always leaves a sense of unease and danger as the film unfolds. Although he can sometimes abuse this heightened intensity, it is effective enough to be considered Yesterday’s best film as a director. An explosive police tape that you will not be able to stop watching for a single minute.

You can see Without respite (End of watch) in Amazon Prime Video Until March 3.

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