“Privatize this!” : Is the release of Cyril Hanouna on public broadcasting a response to the Minister of Culture?

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The intervention of Cyril Hanouna on the public audiovisual service in the broadcast of Monday January 16 does not stop reacting.

Cyril Hanouna has settled his accounts with the public service. This Monday, January 16, the host attacked television channels and public radio stations in his program Touche Pas A Mon Poste. “I saw something that made me hallucinate. Do you know how much the state gives to France Television and Radio France? 4 billion! Every year we give 4 billion and that’s without the pubs!”, declaimed the host who passed through public service between 2007 and 2012.

“It’s a shame”

The rant of @Cyrilhanouna to start the week! #6A7 #TPMP pic.twitter.com/yDE2nFX99S

— TPMP (@TPMP) January 16, 2023

“Privatize this!”

The host of C8 went one better by explaining, according to him, what this budget could be used for: “With four billion, we can buy cars for the police, we can make some hospitals, we can even increase the teachers. Privatize that for me. And all that for us to do their job as well, if they did it, we wouldn’t be helping people, who would denounce squats, students who are in trouble, they don’t do any of that, they only criticize”.

A response to the Minister of Culture?

This diatribe follows an interview with the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, which appeared in The world yesterday. She notably targeted the channels of the Bolloré group (of which C8 is a part) by calling for “dealing with legal cases with moderation or respecting the pluralism of opinions”. Then in particular to put the C8 and CNews channels before a state of affairs: “When we arrive, in 2025, at the time of the analysis of their balance sheet for the renewal of their broadcasting authorizations, Arcom will be able to look at how they have complied with these obligations

Upwind public service

Sibyle Veil, the CEO of Radio France, commented on the sequence in a simple and cold tweet: “La société du défouloir”.

Many public service journalists were also quick to react to Cyril Hanouna’s remarks.

Yes @Cyrilhanouna I am paid with your taxes. And to give an example of what differentiates us, in 5 minutes we would have found the time to have a contradictory point of view and to explain what a public media is. pic.twitter.com/CJoJUx63Om

— Julien Pain (@JulienPain) January 17, 2023

The public service we are talking about here is also the one that took the risk of launching a program on the media in 2010 on France 4. What was it already called? Ah yes, don’t touch my post.

“I don’t spit in the hand that fed me” (Cyril Hanouna, Nov. 2022) https://t.co/FAFWVK01qn

— Julien Baldacchino (@Gubalda) January 17, 2023