Rabastens-de-Bigorre. Dear little Christmas daddy

My name is Mina, my mom told me that because of covid disease and the storms that prevent you from traveling with your sled and your reindeer, you would not pass this year. My grandpa, I don’t know why, says there that you don’t exist! The other night he was watching TV, there were some well dressed gentlemen and ladies who kept talking and grandpa he said “I haven’t believed in Santa Claus for a long time”. But I know you exist! My mum and dad have been sad there since working unemployed and told me you have to share gifts with other kids and I won’t get any this year. I understand but I would like all the same that you bring something to grandpa and grandma who see like that that you really exist. Grandma, one day, told me about the time when your hood had opened and you had let down, without doing it on purpose, lots of chateaux above the Dordogne. You could do the same when you go over the Val d’Adour and you could drop the doctors because my grandfather and my grandmother they can no longer heal themselves. Also, my mum and daddy are fed up with working unemployed and I would like them to go back to how they were before, when we all had fun together. I thank you, dear Santa Claus, and I wish you a happy holiday.