“Racist jokes, based on clichés”: why the game “You laugh, you lose” is accused of discrimination

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The “You Laugh, You Lose” game has been singled out by influencer Crazy Sally who claims the game contains “cliché-based jokes”.

“Why do dogs bark a lot in China? Because they are not cooked enough”. “A black enters the toilet, he comes out white, what happened? He shit his race”. “What is the fastest animal in the world? A rooster running through a Malian village”. These are the kind of jokes that the game “You laugh, you lose”, pointed out on social networks by influencer Crazy Sally.

The young woman shared her amazement at the jokes offered by the game on Monday January 16. “I managed to get my hands on it and I was shocked to see how racist the jokes could be, or at least based on clichés and preconceptions that we are really tired of,” he said. she explained in a video posted on Instagram.

The influencer notably returned to a term used during one of the jokes. This is the word “kehlouche”. “An extremely derogatory term that denigrates black people and I find it very insensitive to make a joke of it,” she said.

Aziz Aboudrar apologizes

At the origin of the game, comedian Aziz Aboudrar apologized on social networks explaining that it was “intended for an informed audience of 16 years and over.” “I would like to present my most sincere apologies to all the people who may have been hurt, offended, saddened by certain jokes”, he specified and assured that he was in discussion “with the teams to remove from the game certain cards which could be misinterpreted”.

The game, marketed in many brands, has been temporarily withdrawn from online sales at the JouéClub store, reports BFMTV. The Fnac Darty group did not wish to respond to our colleagues.