Rafe Judkins, the former ‘Survivors’ contestant who dared to adapt ‘The Wheel of Time’

He is a yogurt lover and she is one of the greatest fantasy literary sagas of all time. It is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

“Screenwriter. Survivor. And a lover of yogurts.” This is how Rafe Judkins describes himself on his personal Instagram account, the man who has dared to turn one of the longest-running and most famous literary sagas in fantasy literature into a television series. And not only has he dared, but he has succeeded, since The Wheel of Time is already a reality in Amazon Prime Video.

The first three episodes of the first season are now available on the streaming platform And, after its debut, a new chapter can be seen every Friday until its denouement on December 24.

Getting here has not been easy, but for Rafe Judkins it has been the honor of carry out one of the greatest creative challenges of his career with one of the literary sagas that, in his own words, “changed his life”. If everything goes according to expectations, The Wheel of Time It could also change your professional career and future projection and that, as happened in their day to the creators of Game of Thronessuddenly become almost a fantasy story institution.

Meanwhile, for his team, the actors and actresses that make up the cast of the series, it already is. “We have the incredible resource that is Rafe Judkins,” said Madeleine Madden, Egwene, in a recent interview with SensaCine. “He’s the perfect person to turn to, because you know he’s an expert on books. You feel like you’re in good hands.” For them basically Judkins is the person who knows the most about The Wheel of Time than anyone.

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But, Who is Rafe Judkins and what jobs is he known for?

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1983, Judkins studied biology and anthropology, taught bright young men with few opportunities, and even founded a college cooking course. His first work as a screenwriter on television came in the series My Worst Enemy, which would be followed by another good handful of much more well-known titles: Chuck, Hemlock Grove O Agents of SHIELD. Nevertheless, In the United States, he became especially known for his time on the reality show Survivors, specifically in season 11 that took place in Guatemala in 2005. At that time I was 22 years old.

His time on the program brought him quite a lot of popularity among the followers of the program, since He turned out to be a great strategist and made interesting alliances. He remained at the gates of the final and was the last expelled before deciding the winner between the two final finalists.

After SurvivorsJudkins moved to Los Angeles with the goal of developing his career as a screenwriter. It didn’t take long for him to get an opportunity in the series starring Christian Slater. That first job would be followed Chuck, whose ending is the work of Judkins, and the other series mentioned, but his big break would come in 2017, when it was announced that he would be in charge of the adaptation of The Wheel of Time.

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A loyal fan of the saga and a reader of Robert Jordan’s novels in his youth, the screenwriter was so excited about the project from minute one that it was he, in fact, who knew how to present the project with enough force to convince the producers and the platform. This is at least remembered by the producer of the series Mike Weber in a statement to Inverse: “It was very difficult to try to take off. It was not possible until Game of Thrones reached its popularity, came out The Handmaid’s Tale and, most importantly, until Rafe Judkins identified the good in the books and was able to condense it into a succinct presentation for streamers. “

“[La Rueda del Tiempo] It was a book series that I always loved growing up, but there are many book series that I loved, “he explained to Collider Judkins about the reasons why adapting Jordan’s work seemed like a fantasy to him.” The reason why he wanted to. Doing it as a series is that I believe that in this moment there is a place and a meaning for it. I really felt like this was a story worth telling right now, so it was something that was very important to me when I made the decision to do it. “

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And he has dedicated all his time to this for four years, something that his personal Instagram account reflects very well, where it is clear that, in addition to the fact that he loves to travel, he really enjoys working with impressive views in front of him.

Its short-medium term future is completely linked to The Wheel of Time, which is already guaranteed at least three seasons on Amazon Prime Video and even he himself has assured that his plan is to adapt the long-lived Robert Jordan saga in full. However, Judkins has other projects underway. Two of them, curiously, are video game adaptations for the big screen: that of the video game franchise Uncharted and The Division, for which he has worked as a screenwriter.

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